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The American Hotel, Normacot Road, Longton 




The American Hotel, Normacot Road, Longton
The American Hotel, Normacot Road, Longton
on the corner of Normacot Road and Chelson Street (was Bagnall Street - renamed in the 1950's) 
photo: June 2008



The American and the Enson pottery works
The American and the Enson pottery works
Bing maps - 2010



The American - prepared for demolition
The American - prepared for demolition 

photo: 16 Nov 2010 - Eileen Hallam



A FORMER pub is being dismantled brick by brick by specialist demolition workers after the derelict building started to collapse. The property in Normacot Road, Longton, once operated as the American Hotel, and is known locally as The American although it is thought to have stood empty for about 40 years.

Engineers from Stoke-on-Trent City Council assessed the building after part of the roof collapsed. They ruled the property was in such a dangerous state that the roads surrounding the site have been closed off.

The authority is now dismantling it one brick at a time because the building is in a conservation area. The roof and top floor are currently being taken apart but the ground floor may remain in place if the council deems it to be safe.

Historian Mervyn Edwards said he could not recall the pub being open but said pubs in Normacot did not have a good history of surviving.
He said: "The pub industry is in a serious state at the moment and it's down to an increase in beer tax, poor customer service and the fact that people often go to supermarkets for beer."

A city council spokesman said: "We carried out an assessment which found that the roof at the back of the building had collapsed and the structure was considered to be in a dangerous condition..... "The former pub is located within a conservation area and some of the materials from the building have to be preserved...." 

Sentinel Newspaper - 16 Nov 2010





Hotels and beer houses on Normacot Road in 1907


Sea Lion Beer House
corner Normacot Road and Chadwick Street  
Sea Lion 
John E. Harris  

This photo taken from Gower Street, Normacot Street is running left to right. At the left is the Sealion pub on the corner of Chadwick Street (the Spiritualist Church is now on the site of the pub) - the pottery works was Shaw & Copestake

photo: 1960's Lovatt Collection - Staffordshire Past-Track


 No 28 Normacot Road 
Vauxhall Tavern
Arthur James


Ring o' Bells, Normacot Road
No 81 Normacot Road 
 Ring o' Bells (B.H.)
James Hudson

Houses being demolished on Normacot Road. Photograph taken from the end of New Church Row. 
The front window of the Ring o' Bells public house is pictured to the right.

photo: 1938 Lovatt Collection - Staffordshire Past-Track

American Hotel, Normacot Road

 corner Normacot Road and Bagnall Street 
American Hotel
G. W. Tennant

The American Hotel fronting the Enson Pottery Works


Old Wheat Sheaf Inn, Normacot Road
No 64 Normacot Road   
Wheat Sheaf Inn
G. W. Tennant

The Old Wheat Sheaf public house was demolished before the First World War. The later Wheat Sheaf Inn was built on the same site.

photo: 1902-12 Lovatt Collection - Staffordshire Past-Track


Uncle Tom's Cabin, Normacot Road
No 154 Normacot Road 
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Hy. Hibbert

The derelict Uncle Tom's Cabin shop at no.154 Normacot Road can be seen to the left

photo: 1960's Lovatt Collection - Staffordshire Past-Track


No 155 Normacot Road 
Normacot Arms
Arthur Ball

Alma Inn, Normacot Road
No 171 Normacot Road 
Alma Inn
George Meakin

Taken from the top of York Street, later Ebor Street - The Alma Inn is in the centre of the picture,
 To the left is the Tam 'O Shanter Inn.

photo: 1961 Lovatt Collection - Staffordshire Past-Track



No 184 Normacot Road 
Jolly Potters
Mary Ann Hood


No 188 Normacot Road 
Sutherland Crescent Inn
John Warburton


No 210 Normacot Road  
Sutherland Hotel
John R. Key 


No 219 Normacot Road 
Antelope Inn
John Beech

Tam o' Shanter Inn

No 240 Normacot Road 
Tam o'
Shanter Inn (B.H.)
Albert E. Scarratt

Normacot Hotel, Normacot Road

No 290 Normacot Road 
Normacot Hotel
David Martin





Normacot Road (3 & 10)
(39a, Commerce Street)

7 Adderley, R. T., solicitor 
9 Leese, S., fishmonger 
11 Tighe, Edward, potter 
13 Atkinson, Aaron, potter 
15 Higginson, H., bricklayer 
17 Lowe, George, turner 
19 Lear, Joseph, potter 
21 Tunnicliffe, Wm., packer 
23 Johnson, J. T., collier 
25 Tunnicliffe, J-, warehouse man 
31 Abbott, A. W., grocer 
33 Wilson, Miss, spinster 
35 Hollins, Herbert, pavior 
37 Hulme, George, potter 
39 Williams, Joshua, labourer Blurton, W., sewerage contractor

 - Here is Chadwick Street -

Harris,  John E., Sea Lion. (B.H.) 
Shaw & Copestake, earthenware manufacturers

 - Here is Park Passage -

69 Moore, J. W., builder and contractor
71 Yates, Charlotte, beer retailer

 -Here is Albion Street -

75 Stoddard, Fred, grocer 
79 Key, Geo. L., greengrocer 
81 Hudson, Jas., Ring o' Bells (B.H.)

 - Here is New Church Row - 
- Here is Cumberland Row -

83 Rowley, Wm., collier 
85 Brown, James, labourer

- Here is Bagnall Street -

Tennant, G. W., American Hotel (B.H.) 
93 Ferns, Robert, collier 
95  Worthington, H., carter 
97 Holland, Samuel, potter 
99 Sanders, Arthur, potter 
101 Reilly, Thomas, grocer 
105 Henshall, H., coal dealer 
107 Shaw, A., milkseller 
109 Garbett, James, collier 
111 Hurst, Peter, collier 
113 Slater, Mary, widow 
115 Myatt, H., hairdresser

 - Here is Short Street -
 - Here is Warren Street -

117 Gordon, Emma, widow 
119 Holmes, Annie, widow 
121 Degg, David, potter 
123 Davis, Herbert, potter 
125 Hallain, Albert, potter 
127 Blurton, James, potter 
129 Goodwin, John, collier 
131 Goodwin, Harry, coal dealer 
133 Shaw, Absalom, potter 
135 Weston, Samuel, potter 
137 Smith, Samuel, potter 
159 Calkin, G. H., ovenman 
141 Robson, John, potter 
143 Dwyer. Charles, miner 
145 Latham, Paul, miner 
147 Wootton, Thos., cratemaker 
149 Hawks, F. W., hairdresser 
151 Kent, Wm., slipmaker 
153 Barnett, Chas., fishmonger

 - Here is Lockett's Lane -

155 Ball, Arthur, Normacot Arms (B.H.)
157 Hekins, Wm., shopkeeper 
159 Gaitley, William, potter
161 Stone, Sarah, widow 
163 Booth, Charles, potter 
165 Wilshaw, George, potter 
167 Nixon, Maria, draper 
171 Meakin, George, Alma Inn (B.H.)

 - Here is Lovatt Street -

173 Hall, George, ovenman 
175 Timms, Enoch, labourer 
177 Warren, T. H., shoe repairer 
181 Ford, John, house painter 
183 Edge, F. W., potter 
185 Starkey, A. H., miner 
187 Hayman, Arthur, coachman 
189 Parkes, Wm., fireman

 - Here is Lower Spring Road - 

191 Yates, Enoch, grocer
195 Wilshaw, Sarah, laundress
197 Edge, F., saggar maker
199 Tooth, Joseph, potter
201 Hill, Aaron, potter 
203 Derbyshire, T., saggar maker
205 Bott, Fred, saggar maker
207 Steele. Levison, collier
209 Hill, Thomas, collier 
211 Hough, F., boot repairer
213 Burton, Arthur, potter
215 Kettle, Frederick, grocer
217 Grindey W., greengrocer
219 Beech, John, Antelope Inn (B.H.) 
221 Booth, James, miner 
223 Pigstock. John, blacksmith 
225 Stubbs, Charles, potter 
227 Brookfield, Samuel, potter 
229 Lloyd, Thomas, potter 
231 Derbyshire, Ernest, grocer 
233 Edwards, John Jos., potter 
235 Colclough, James, miner 
237 Bryan, Samuel, miner 
239 Schofield. Joseph, labourer 
241 Woolf. John, tailor 
243 Salt, Thomas, labourer 
245 Richardson, J. Hy., boiler maker
247 Royle, John T., baker 
249 Brookhouse, Albert, potter 
251 Lockett, David, cratemaker 
253 Plant, James, miner 
255 Colclough, Sarah A., greengrocer 
257 Colclough, Arthur, furniture dealer
A Edwards, Thomas, potter
259 Broad, Roger, potter
261 VVaklin, Wm., carter
263 Bettaney, Thos., carter
265 Furd Herbert, coal agent
267 McKechney, William, joiner
271 Rhead, Marv Ann, grocer
273 Corlield, John, potter
275 Dawson, Adam, potter
277 Oakes. Jane, widow
279 Lockett, Richard, potter
281 Goostry, - ., potter
283 Davies, Valentine, potter
285 Shaw, Hy., potter
287 Sherratt, R., Insurance agent
289 Cooper, Mrs., widow
291 Kinsey, Jas. T., florist and general dealer 
293 Goodwin, Joseph, butcher

 - Here is Lower Spring Road -

8 Dutton, W., shoe repairer 
10 Longhurst, E. A., billposter 
12 Dawson. Hy. S., potter's printer
14 Atkins, Elizabeth, widow 
16 Millington, T. J. J., grocer
18 Burton, Thomas, potter
20 Holmes, Hannah, widow
22 Crawford, John, miner
26 Billings, G., coachbuilder

- Here is Vauxhall Street -

28 James, Arthur, Vauxhall Tavern (B.H.) 
30 Collins, Charles, potter 
32 Dennis, Stephen, miner 
34 Hulme, Emma, widow; James:, C, metal mounter 
38 Owen, William, miner 
40 Harvey, Jas., potter 
42 Edwards, George, potter 
44 Ridge, William, potter 
46 Pyatt, Job, hawker 
48 Straton, R. H., hawker 
50 Salt, Isaac, miner 
52 Edwards, Elizabeth, beer retailer

 - Here is Gower Street -

54 Jones, John, grocer
56 Viggars, Emily, transferrer
58 Lee, Eliza, widow
60-62 Nicholls, Jane, widow

 - Here is Sheaf Passage -

64 Evans, Thos., Wheat Sheaf Inn (F.L.)

Cyples, Henry J., potter's colour maker, liquid gold dealer 

72 Stubbs, Sarah Ann, widow 
74 Grice, W. H., putter 
76 Finney, Eliza, transferrer 
78 Cooper, Emily, warehouse man 
80 Cooper, Eliza, widow 
82 Lloyd, H., engine man 
84 Williams, Hugh, physician 
86 Hughes, Jas., coachman 
88 Lockett, Joseph, caretaker 
90 Lawton, Lot, potter 
92 Blurton, George, pavior 
94 Newnes, Albert, miner 
96 Blurton, W., sewerage contractor

- Here is School Lane -

100 Clayton, Nathaniel, baker
102 Perry, Ann, widow

Hudson, Wm., china manufacturer, Sutherland Pottery

128 Inskip, A., saggar maker
1 Vitta, F., potter's ovenman
2 Swetmore, Levison, potter 
130 Grainger, Richard, potter 
132 Harwood, E ., insurance agent Stevenson and Co., shoeing and general smiths 
134 Hawkins, Thomas 
138 Jones, Albert, grocer 
140 Ernest, S., kiln fireman 
142 Colclough, Hy., potter 
144 Hassall, William, potter 
146 Shenton, Mrs. E., widow 
148 Malpass, Geo., greengrocer

 - Here is Hawkin's Yard -

150 Rowley, Mary, widow 
152 Johnson, Alice, gilder 
154 Hibbert, Hy., Uncle Tom's Cabin (B.H.) 
156 Mann, Jas., bricklayer

 - Here is Uncle Tom's Row -

160 Edge, William, potter
162 Matthews, Mary, widow 
164 Wilshaw. John, hawker 
166 Donkin, Annie, gilder
168 Bowers, A. E., carter 
170 Blood, William, collier 
172 Bryan, Elizabeth, widow
174 Bloor. Wm., clogger 
176 Gough, Jas., gilder 
178 Raymond, James, miner 
180 Rushton, Albert, potter 
182 Goodwin, Jabez, potter 
184 Hood, Mary Ann, Jolly Potters (B.H.)

- Here is Warren Street -

186 Jones, Wm.. grocer 
188 Warburton. John, Sutherland Crescent Inn (B.H.)

- Here is Court No. 4 -

190 Amison, E., fancy goods dealer 
192 Roberts, J., potter's printer 
194 Turner, E., potter 
202 Moore. Robert, potter 
204 Kelsall, Wm. H.. potter 
206 Dutton, J., boot repairer 
208 Lovatt, J., baker and grocer

 - Here is Sutherland Place -

210 Key. John R., Sutherland Hotel (B.H.) 
212 Watkin, E. D., hardware dealer 
214 Barnett, Wm., confectioner 
216 Podmore. Adam, potter 
218 Upton, Richard, collier 
220 Adderley, Thomas

 - Here is Lockett's Lane -

222 Aston, Joseph, potter 
224- Millward, Joseph, carter

 - Here is Court No. 6 -

230 Bennett, W. H., grocer and provision dealer 
232 Cheetham, Thos., butcher 
Hull, A. J., decorator and commission agent 
236 Leese, Richard, potter 
238 Astburv, Jane, widow 
240 Scarratt. Albert E., Tam o'
Shanter Inn (B.H.)

 - Here is Lowe's Passage -

244-248 Griffiths, J., greengrocer

- Here is York Street -

248-250 Hudson, E., beer retailer and grocer 
282 Hamlet, Joseph, potter 
284 Lockett, Albert, potter 
286 Moore, Edward, potter 
288 Lockett, Edward, potter
290 Martin, David, Normacot Hotel (F.L.) 
294 Amison, Joseph, potter 
296 Mansell, Elizabeth, widow 
298 Till, J., potter's printer 
300 Mate, Edwin John, potter 
302 Grindley, Joseph, potter 
304 Henney, John, miner 
306 Warren, Henry, cratemaker 
308 Astbury, E.,tobacconist, &c. 
310 Daniel, Alfred, labourer 
312 Ferneyhough, L., packer 
314 Wyatt, Benj., potter 
316 Matthews, Albeit, Ed., potter 
318 Cooke, Niger, potter 
320 Barlow, Joseph, potter 
322 Wakefield, Mary, widow 
324 Hall, John, fireman 
326 Colclough, Chas., draper and
smallware dealer

- Here is Furnace Road -
- Here is Upper Normacot Road -



1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'




contents: 2010 photos



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