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The Furnace Inn, 4 Cobridge Road, Etruria

The Furnace Inn, 4 Cobridge Road, Etruria
The Furnace Inn, 4 Cobridge Road, Etruria

photo supplied by:  Ethel Simpson (neι Jones b. 1923) (grand daughter of Thomas Banks)

To the far left is Thomas & Lavinia Banks, standing with their daughter Lily, born about 1889.

Thomas Banks, shows up on the 1891 Census as a 'Labourer in pots' & address is 4 Cobridge Road but no mention of an Inn or pub of any kind except that they had two lodgers at the time.

It appears that at  sometime after this Thomas applied for a licence under the 1830 Beer Act to sell beer.

By 1907 the Beer House at No. 4 Cobridge Road was occupied by a George Daley. 


Under the 1830 Act any householder who paid rates could apply, with a one-off payment of two guineas, to sell beer or cider in his home (usually the front parlour) and even brew his own on his premises. 

The permission did not extend to the sale of spirits and fortified wines and any beer house discovered selling those items was closed down and the owner heavily fined. Beer houses were not permitted to open on Sundays. 

The beer was usually served in jugs or dispensed directly from tapped wooden barrels lying on a table in the corner of the room.


In the 1907 directory there are 3 Beer Houses and also 3 with Full Licences (able to sell spirits) in Cobridge Road.

4 Daley, George, Furnace Inn (B.H.)

28 Foster. Sarah, Grove House Inn (B.H.) 

260 Williams. Charles, King's Head (F.L.) 

262 Aldridge. Robert, Cobden Arms (B.H.) 

342 Ward, Benjamin, Black Boy Inn (F.L.)

367 Haslum. Wm., Dolphin Inn (F.L.)



The Furnace Inn
by Thomas Banks
Licensed Retailer in Ale, Beer
Porter & Cider, for Consumption on the Premises
Retailer in Tobacco etc. 


 from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, 
Newcastle & District'

the directory lists every person who lived in Cobridge Road in 1907 - of note is the Shelton Iron and Steel Works of Granville Limited which was at the bottom of Cobridge Road and near the top was the Racecourse Colliery of Heath, Robert, and Sons Ltd.

  • The only original building which stands today is Black Boy Inn.


Cobridge Road 

(202, Etruria Road)

2 Yardley, Richard, bricklayer 

Granvilles, Ltd., ironfounders and steel manufacturers, Shelton Iron and Steel Works

4 Daley, George, Furnace Inn (B.H.)

8 Griffiths, Isaac, fitter 

8A Hewetson, Chas., coal dealer 

10 Williams, Edward, labourer 

12 Goff, John, labourer 

14 Taylor, Peter, labourer 

16 Hampton, Catherine 

20 Hitchin, Arthur, timber sawyer 

22 Garrety, Thos., forgeman 

24 Onions, Ambrose, tile works fireman 

26 Stopp, James 

28 Foster, Sarah, Grove House Inn (B.H.) 

198 Turner, John 

200 Cooper, Daniel, labourer 

202 Winstone, Archibald, steel-worker 

204 Mayland. Albert, French polisher 

206 Turvey, George, miner 

208 Arnold, Edward, steel furnace man 

210 Brookes, Charles, forgeman 

212 Newmans. Arthur, modeller 

214 Rowley, Mary 

216 Machin, Henry, miner 

218 Bootherstone, Hannah 

220 Heeks, Arthur, baker 

222 Lawton, Isaac, miner 

224 Shaffery, James, colliery manager 

226 Garner, Thomas, potter's mouldmaker 

228 Bailey, Thomas, clerk 

230 Cotton. Elijah, potter 

232 Skelhorn. Alfred, joiner 

234 Foster, John, potter's gilder 

236 Nicklin, Charles, police constable 

238 Lindop, William, saddler 

240 Wootten, John Llewellyn, potter 

242 Walker. Margaret, grocer & provision dealer 

246 Burton, Thomas, potter 

248 Deakin, Noah, forgeman 

260 Williams. Charles, King's Head (F.L.) 

262 Aldridge. Robert, Cobden Arms (B.H.) 

264 Burton, Albert, potter's placer 

266 Mather. Richard, miner 

268 Berrisford, Jos., labourer 

270 Matthews, Richard, potter's printer

272 Mason, Win,, fried fish dealer

274 Bartley, John, ironworker

276 Perry, Smith, miner

278 Evans, John Wm., miner

280 Leak, Luke, miner

282 Hough, George, miner

298 Forrester. Herbert, labourer

300 Heath, Henry, miner

302 James, Joseph, railway platelayer

304 Corden, John, labourer

306 Teece, Joseph, carter

308 Chawner, Charles, labourer

310 Gibson, Stephen, butcher

312 Perry, Chas., forgeman

314 Walker, Nathaniel, miner

316 Tunnicliffe, Thomas, carter

318 Simpson, Charles, potter's printer

320 Mullen, Wm., labourer

322 Whalley, Samuel, joiner

324 Brown, John, labourer

326 Smith, Ellen

328 George, Thos. Henry, milk dealer

330 Bennett, Ralph, joiner

332 Parry, Robert, miner

334 Beckett, Samuel, metal mounter

336 Ellis, John, potter's presser

338 Corden, Albert, forgeman

340 Evans, Edwin, miner

342 Ward, Benjamin, Black Boy Inn (F.L.)

344 Hurt, Thomas, potter's printer

346 Gratton, Isaac, miner

348 White, George, grocer and provision dealer 

— Here is Derwent Street —


350 Toft, Ann, grocer and provision dealer

352 Moore, Joseph. potter's decorator

354 Butler, Rachel

356 Mayland, Alec, beer bottler

358 Holland. James, potter's printer

360 Jones, F.W., storekeeper

362 Grant, Jos., master builder

1 Pointon, Henry, colliery pointsman 

Heath, Robert, and Sons, Ltd., colliery proprietors, Racecourse Colliery

3 Schofield, Joseph, colliery manager

199 Attwood, Samuel, grocer and provision dealer 

203 Clarke, Wm., engine man 

205 Gaskell, James, miner  

207 Williams, Wm., miner 

203 Cooper, Edward, potter's mouldmaker 

211 Pearson, William, miner 

213 Ruane, Patrick, forgeman 

215 Tudor. R., sanitary presser 

217 Cox, Maria 

219 Gibson, John, miner 

221 Chatterton, Thomas, carter 

223 Brookes, James, steel roller 

225 Horton, Ann 

227 Goodwin, John, engineer 

223 Bagnall, W., potter's printer 

231 Cox, Joseph, labourer 

233 Taylor, J., forge manager 

235 Salt, Mary 

237 Cornwell, Carrie 

239 Clarke, Arthur, bricklayer

241 Jervis, T., railway platelayer 

245 Taylor, George, engine man 

243 Giddis, John E., steel works manager 

247 Gordon, Wm., labourer 

210 Kelsall, A., sanitary placer 

Burslem Cricket Ground Secretary, Albert Hollowood 

Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Augustine House Superior, Sister Gatienne 

361 Winston, Wm., engine man 

263 Warburton, J., colour manufacturer's assistant 

365 Mayer, Hannah 

367 Haslum. Wm., Dolphin Inn (F.L.) 


— Here is Waterloo Road —


contents: 2011 photos



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