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Stoke-on-Trent - photos of the week for 2008

Wood's Fountain Place Works

Gosling & Gatensbury
Washing Day
Washing Day

Tile making

Burslem Central Mission

Goldenhill High Street
Minkstone Works, Longton
Minkstone Works,
Stanley Matthews
Stanley Matthews

North West Midlands
Joint Electricity Authority
The Bell Pottery Works
The Bell Pottery Works

the winged
Angel of death

Burslem Works

Parker's Brewery

Harecastle Tunnel

Regent Theatre

Hulton Abbey

 the fruit of the vine

Flour Mill at

"The little cloud's increasing. . .
That arose upon Mow Hill."

"The Taming of the Shrew"

Gordon Banks
& Pele 

Wellington Road, Hanley

K6 telephone box
Bemersley Road

"Fire Trees" -inspired by the Potteries Bottle Kilns

St. Judes Post Office


The Golden Cup Inn


Kings Arms Public House, Meir


1930's housing in
John Street, Longton

"priceless" 17th C.
- 30 years under farmer's bed.

Dubsy loco crane
from Shelton Steel works

a montage of
People of the Potteries

Triple-arched Loggia
at Trentham Gardens

Halls Model Lodging House,
Union Street, Hanley

Atlas Figures on the
Old Town Hall,  Burslem

The Vanished Landscape
of The Potteries

Ozzie the owl
- a slipware jug

Church of the Sacred Heart Tunstall

The Adams Clock Tower,
Tunstall Park

Pottery works and

Sculpture at Stoke Festival Park

Longton from the air

Central Forest Park

Enson Works

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