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General view of Glebe Street, looking from Church Street


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General View of Glebe Street looking from Church Street
Photo July 2000
General View looking from Church Street, the shops on the left hand side and the trees of St. Peters Church on the right hand edge of the photo.

At then end of the row of shops is the old Town Hall, and the white building at the very end is the Glebe public house and hotel.


  Glebe Street - 1915 Postcard
Postcard - about 1915

This postcard shows that little change has taken place in Glebe Street between 1900 and 2000. The street was cobbled in those days and horse and cart have given way to the car.

In the postcard there are some additional buildings (including St. Peter's Chambers which were the offices of the Stoke Education Committee) at the end of the row of shops and before the Town Hall. These were demolished to widen the entrance to Kingsway.




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