Hartshill Cemetery (reflecting the values of Victorian Society)



Registrars Lodge at the northern entrance to the cemetery 


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Registrars Lodge
Registrars Lodge
The chimney in the background stands in the Infirmary grounds. 


When the cemetery committee advertised for a registrar in May 1884 there were 99 applicants for the position. 

Mr. W. H. Geen was appointed at a salary of 75 per annum with his residence free of rent, rates and taxes. The salary was later increased to 80 (in 1901), 90 in 1903, and 100 in 1907. In the 1891 census returns the occupiers of the Registrar's lodge was recorded as:

Queens Road [Registrar's Lodge]:

Name Position Status Age Employment Place of Birth
William H Geen Head Married 60 Stoke Borough Cemetery Registrar Somerset, Dunster
Elizabeth Geen Wife Married 62 Kent, Dover
Emily Geen Daughter Single 34 Staffs, Tunstall
Elizabeth Geen Daughter Single 27 Elementary Schoolmistress Staffs, Newcastle
Annie Geen Daughter Single 25 Elementary Schoolmistress Staffs, Fenton
Annie Geen Dau-in-Law Married 29 Lancs, Manchester
Wilfred Geen Grandson Single 2 Lancs, Manchester


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