Longport: The 'Kingdom' of Davenport (1760's - mid 19th C))


 The Pack Horse Inn, Station Road



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On the opposite side of the canal to the wharf Henshall built a new public house in the late 1770s, the Packhorse Inn, to provide accommodation for boatmen and carters and their horses. 

When it was offered for sale in 1871 it was described as containing “extensive cellaring, bar, bar parlour communal room, tap-room, kitchen, scullery, large billiard-room and club room to seat 150 persons, and the outbuildings comprise large brew-house, malthouse, stabling for 11 horses, coach-house, piggeries, and large skittle alley.” It can be found on the 1851 OS map of the Bottom Bridge Pottery.


The Pack Horse Inn, Station Road

The  Packhorse Inn on the opposite side of the road to the much smaller Duke of Bridgewater Inn was tenanted by the Dix family:


Thomas Dix 34 Publican
Jemima Dix 39
Sarah Dix 7
Josiah Dix 5
Jemima Dix 4
James Drakeford 30 Male Servant
Ann Downes 20 Female Servant

'stabling for 11 horses'
'stabling for 11 horses'


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