Longport: The Kingdom of Davenport (1760's - middle 19th C)



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Locations & photos of the tour (click on the numbers in left column)
1  Longport Wharf, warehouse and canal office.
2  Pack Horse Inn.
3  Duke of Bridgewater Inn (Bottom Bridge Pottery).
4  Station Road (old road from Burslem to Newcastle)
5  Princes Square & the visit of the Prince of Wales (later George IV)
6  The Fowlea Brook culvert.
7  Top Bridge Pottery (Price & Kensington).
7a  Along the canal, the clay wharf and footbridge to Chesterton.
8  Longport Pottery (built by John Brindley).
9  Arthur Wood's factory (was top part of Longport Pottery).
10  Frontage at Trubshawe Cross.
10a  The Post Office at Top Bridge Pottery (now factory shop).
11  The position of Longport Hall (only the outside wall is left now).
12  The position of John Brindley's house (only the gate post remains).
13  The vicarage of St. Paul's church.
14  17th C potter's cottages in Newcastle Street.
15  Port Vale Wharf (now part of Royal Doulton's Steelite).
16  Burgess Dorling & Leigh - the model Victorian Pottery.
17  The Anderton Canal Company.
18  Milvale Street, the bakery and kilns.
19  The changing level of the Fowlea Valley.
19a  Canal side cranage at the Middleport Pottery.
20  The pathway to the Lime Kilns
21  New canal wharf.

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Additional notes and maps (which support the tour)

  Introduction to 'walk' and 1775 map of Longport.
 1832 T. Hargreaves Longport section Map of the Potteries & Newcastle-under-Lyme.
 1851 Ordnance Survey map of Top Bridge Pottery.
 1851 Ordnance Survey map of Bottom (New)  Bridge Pottery.
 1851 Ordnance Survey map of Longport Pottery.
 1878 Ordnance Survey map of Clarence St. and Prince's Square.
 1878 Ordnance Survey map of Longport Hall.
 1851 Ordnance Survey map of Longport showing all three potteries.
 1900 Ordnance Survey map of Longport showing changes from 1850's.
 Yates 1775 map of the Potteries showing the Longport area.
  Allbut's 1802 map showing the location of the works.
  Biography of the Davenport family.
  Conditions for the workers in 1842.

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This walk is based on notes by Andrew Dobraszczyc,
and the book Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900 by Jewitt.
web pages and photographs by Steve Birks during the walk (May 2000)

questions/comments/contributions? email: Steve Birks



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