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Ricardia Ware produced by Richards Tiles 


Ricardia Ware
Ricardia Ware

The glaze is, or is  very like, one of the Richards Tiles' pre-war WM (wall mottle) glaze series.  Those glazes contained oxides of lead which gave them certain flow and appearance characteristics.  The use of lead oxides in glazes was banned after1947 because of their causation of lead poisoning of operatives.  Lead  bisilicate was substituted but it was not possible to get the same results.

It appears that Ricardia Ware was made in the Recesso department at the Pinnox factory of Richards Tiles.  Lizzies, various shaped  vases, memo-pads, paper weights, book-ends, etc were made regularly and given to agents customers and visitors.

[ Recesso was the trade name given to a wide range of soap holders, toothbrush holders, towel roll holders etc. which were made to be recessed into tiled walls.  Average manufacturing rate was about 14,000 pieces per week.  Additional to these standard catalogued items we also cast special architect specified pieces for swimming pools, hotel foyers and so on.]


From a copy sheet which shows "Ricardia Art Pottery" under 'Richards Products'.

It comes from "Richards Tiles in the Making" which was published in 1933 shortly after a visit by Prince George. 
It reads and is laid out as follows:



White Glazed Wall Tiles, All classes of Enamelled and Mottled Tiles. All kinds of Fittings, Mouldings, Decorative Borders,  etc., for wall tiling. Swimming Pool Tiling, including Scum Troughs, etc.

"Recesso" built-in Fittings for Bathrooms, Kitchens etc &c.
Fireplace Tiles and Fireplace Faience.
Floor Tiles of all kinds. including Step Treads and
Nosings and Durundum "non-slip" Flooring.
Geometrical and Roman Art Mosaic.
Ricardia Art Pottery.
Our Associated house of Edward Johns & Co. Ltd., Armitage, Stafford, manufacture sanitary ware, not only  in white glazed finish, but also in a selected range of our own glazes, so that perfect harmony between tiles and sanitary ware is absolutely assured -- a unique feature, the value of which will be readily appreciated. In combination with Edward Johns & Co. we can supply a complete bathroom, whether white or in colour, in perfect harmony throughout.


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