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Newport House and Pottery Works

"NEW-PORT is the residence of Mr. Walter Daniel, whose elegant seat and manufactory, compose the whole of this place. The grounds around it are laid out with great taste, and the prospects it commands are not exceeded in the Pottery. It is situated on the canal between Long-port and Etruria."

J. Allbut, The Staffordshire Pottery Directory, 1802


TO BE LET, the above eligible FAMILY RESIDENCE, called Newport House, late in the occupation of Joseph Alcock Esq., with the stables, coach houses, gardens, plantations, and pleasure grounds belonging thereto, and id required, a few acres of ACCOMMODATION LAND adjoining.

Also, that well-arranged and exclusive EARTHENWARE MANUFACTORY, with six ovens, called Newport Works, conveniently situated on the banks of the Trent and Mersey Canal, and near to Newport House, now in the occupation of Messrs William Davenport and Company.

The immediate possession of both House and Works may be had if required. Apply to Mr. JOSEPH SHIRLEY, Longport; or to Messrs WARD & SON, Solicitors, Newcastle".

The Staffordshire Advertiser, 10th January 1857 

The Newport Pottery
"Established at the close of the eighteenth century by Walter Daniel, it passed, in about 1810, into the hands of John Davenport; afterwards to Cork & Edge (1846-60); Cork, Edge & Malkin (1860-70); and was then continued by Edge, Malkin & Co. (1870-1902).

Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britian 1800-1900

After Edge, Malkin & Co the Newport Pottery was taken by S.W. Dean (1904-10) and then Deans (1910) Ltd from 1910-19.


1878 OS map of Newport House
1851 census details for Newport House and Lane


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