Wood & Son (s, Ltd)


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Wood & Son (s, Ltd)




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Previously:  New Wharf Pottery  also incorporating H J Wood

Earthenware manufacturer at the Trent and New Wharf Potteries, Burslem.

Latterly at the Stanley Pottery (which was purchased by Wood's in 1931 - it was made up of two factories - the Stanley Pottery and the Crown Pottery), in the 1950's & 60's the company were employing 1,000 people.

After a number of years from 1995 onwards struggling to survive, Wood & Sons finally called in the receivers in February 2005.


on the Wood family of potters

Note on dates:

In common with many pottery companies , Wood & Sons would put dates on their ware which refers to preceding companies or earlier generations of the family.....

Marks on Wood & Sons ware from 1950 onward sometimes bear the description "POTTERS FOR 200 YEARS" - 
Wood & Sons actually started potting in 1865 - the reference is to a distance member of the family - Ralph Wood, the eldest of three sons (Ralph, Moses, Enoch). Ralph was  born in 1715 and achieved renown round about 1750 with his famous and now rare Staffordshire figures, and especially his Toby Jugs.

Some ware bears a mark on which appears "RALPH 1750" "MOSES 1751" "ENOCH 1784" (sometimes just RALPH & ENOCH) - in spite of this, the ware bearing these dates does NOT date from the 1700's - these refer to three of the brothers of the Wood family.



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Names used on ware for identification:



[mark c.1894-1907]


[mark 1907-1910]


[mark 1910-]

[Stafford knot with crown above]
Rd 56346


Wood and Sons Toby Jugs
of the 20th Century


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