George Hobson


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George Hobson




George Hobson was an earthenware manufacturer at the Albert Street Pottery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

  • His father, Charles Hobson, had started the business in 1865 and on his death the brothers George and John continued the business. 

  • From 1901 George Hobson ran the business on his own. 

  • In 1906 George changed the name from the 'Albert Street Pottery' to the 'Sneyd Pottery' - this was to remove confusion with
    the 'Albert Street Works' which was a differnt pottery business in the same street. 


Previously: G & J Hobson



an earthenware mug made by George Hobson -  in the FIRE BRIGADE pattern
an earthenware mug made by George Hobson -  in the FIRE BRIGADE pattern 

bowl 'The Lawsuit' 

The picture illustrates that there is only one winner in a legal dispute 
- the lawyer who is milking it in while the two litigants fight over the cow

It was a common illustration - certainly in circulation by 1876


Marks used on ware for identification:




Trade Mark

the horses head was a trade mark 
of George Hobson

the letter 'B' stands for Burslem-
the town where the factory was located

'FIRE BRIGADE' is the pattern name

Trade Mark

'PANDORA' is the pattern name


G & J Hobson
operated from the
Albert Street Pottery

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