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Albert Street Pottery, Burslem

renamed the Sneyd Pottery in 1906

There was another pottery in the same street called the Albert Street Works 
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Albert Street Pottery

  • the works were built in 1860 by William Smith of Tunstall - he and his son James failed in business c.1862/3 and were declared bankrupt in 1864.

  • 1862/3 the works were taken by George Dix and David Tundley for the production of 'foreign-trade' goods. They did not survive for long and the business was disolved in November 1864. 

  • In 1864/5 the works were purchased by Charles Hobson. Who had previously been a partner in Morgan, Wood & Co. 

  • Charles Hobson considerably enlarged the works. New ovens were added together with flint and colour mills. A steam powered slip house, pug mills and a sagger-makers' mill were also added. 

  • Sales were confined to the home-market and consisted of the usual services and other articles in earthenware - white, printed, lined, enamelled and gilt. 

  • After the death of Charles Hobson, in 1875, the business was continued by his two sons George and John who continued to 1901.

  • In 1901 George Hobson carried on the business on his own until 1923/4.

  • In 1906 the business was renamed the Sneyd Pottery - this was to remove confusion with the Albert Street Works operated by William Wood & Co, which was in the same street. 


Source: Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britian 1800-1900






William Smith & Son   (1860-62)

Dix & Tundley   (1862-63/4)

C Hobson ( & Son)   (1865-80)

G & J Hobson   (1881-1901)

George Hobson   (1901-23)




William & James Smith declared bankrupt July 1864
George Dix and David Tundley took over the works in 1862  





Charles Hobson withdrew from the partnership of
Morgan, Wood & Co. and then started work
on his own at Albert Street




notice of the dissolution of the business
between Dix and Tundley

Charles Hobsen then took over their works



Albert Street, (off Nile Street), Burslem -1898 map

Albert Street, (off Nile Street), Burslem -1898 map


1898 map of Albert Street

1898 map of Albert Street
in 1907 
blue box = William Wood and Co. at the Albert Street Works
(earthenware and china door furniture manufacturer)  
Red box
= Hobson at the Albert Street Pottery
(renamed the Sneyd Pottery in 1906)  (earthenware manufacturer)  



Albert Street

(45, Nile Street) 

1 Critchley, Mrs. Hannah 

3 Edwards, George, potter 

5 Mandley, Fletcher, hair-dresser 

7 Hammond, John, miner 

9 Silvey, Mrs.Sarah Ann

11 Washington, Timothy, miner 

16 Barlow, Edward, potter 

15 Deane, Mrs.Mary

17 Hilditch. William 

19 Barrow, John, carter 

21 Vaughan, Richard, potter

23 Bates, Samuel, borough labourer

—Here is Brown Street— 

25 Wood, Mrs. Eliza 

27 Simpson, Isaac, labourer 

31 Cartlidge, William T., brick-layer's labourer 

33 Warburton, Frank

35 Rigby, Joseph, potter 

37 Chappell, Mrs. Mary Ann 

39 Wainwright, William, confectioner

59 Finney, George, miner 

61 Clarke, Jas., engineman 

63 Dakin, John, potter 

65 Simpson, Thos., borough labourer 

67 Lees, Frederick, potter's mouldmaker 

69 Barnett, George, miner 

71 Need, George, potter 

73 Hartshorne, John, potter 

75 Williams, Jos., brassworker 

77 Marland. William, miner

81 Vernon, Samuel 

83 Cartlidge, Henry, house painter 

85 Walker, Chas. H., navvy 

87 Lithcoe, John, labourer 

89 Knott Wm ., saggarmaker 

91 Simpson, William, miner 

93 Copeland, Jos., bricklayer 

95 Watkin, Wm., carter
4 Hill, George, miner
6 Ward, Thomas, carter
8 Davies, Geo., potter's placer

12 Lilley, Thos., drayman

14 Eardley, Mrs. Betsy 

16 Deane, Thos., cratemaker 

18 Jackson, Thomas, potter 

20 Hall, Francis, labourer 

22 Muldoone, John, plasterer

Wood, Wm.,and Co., earthenware manufacturers, china door furniture, &c,
Albert-street Works 

82 Wood.Wm.H.,Snevd Arms (B.H.) 

84 Stubbs, Leonard, miner 

86 Bullock, Mrs. Martha 

88 Gardner, Robert 

90 Shaw, Samuel, miner

Hobson, George, earthenware manufacturer

—Here is Railway Siding—






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