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T Lawrence 
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The Falcon Pottery was founded in 1885 by Thomas Lawrence, the original site being on the corner of Wharf Street, Stoke. (The Trent Bridge Pottery).

Ten years later he erected the Falcon works in Waterloo Street, Longton. In the same year (1895) he took into partnership his nephew, John Grundy who, on the death of the founder in 1932 became the sole proprietor.

In 1938 the directors of Shaw & Copestake acquired the company 'Thomas Lawrence' and the name was changed to 'Thomas Lawrence (Longton) Limited'.

Until a suitable factory was built on land opposite the old Shaw and Copestake the two companies operated independently for nineteen years. In 1957 new works were opened at Normacot Road, Longton. At this time 140 people were employed.  


Initials and names used on ware for identification:



the new Sylvan Works in Normacot Road, Longton
the new Sylvan Works in Normacot Road, Longton
opened in 1957

to the left is the works of Shaw & Copestake and to the right is Thomas Lawrence  


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Lawrence Falcon ware

Lawrence marks and dates

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