The Pegasus Cycling Club


The Pegasus Cycling Club


First ride on the wild steed.


June 21st
24 miles. Rode with Perry Doncaster.

Had arranged a few days before with an old friend, not without fear and quaking, to try and reach Congleton. 

Created a great sensation by my gallant attempts at mounting, managed to scramble on at last amidst ironical cheers from bystanders.  It commenced to rain just as I arrived at meeting place, so that we had a riding shower-bath as a slight diversion. Also a treat pushing the bicycle up the Chell hill whilst friend was rushing along a few miles ahead. 
Reached hotel at Biddulph at last and got a reviver.  Continued our journey after an hourís rest and arrived at our destination about 5.30 p.m. dined on bread, walked around park, and then returned by the Moreton road, the rain having then stopped. 

Carried several samples of manure on my back for inspection at home, which I reached about 8.30 p.m.

Miles brought forward - 24.



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