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The Pegasus Cycling Club



Aug 4th
18 miles.

Ride very uneventful. Enjoyed myself very much roaming around woods (save the mark) and lake did a slight rush back.

Corner of Rudyard Lake - early 1900's
Corner of Rudyard Lake - early 1900's
Rudyard lake was an extremely popular tourist attraction at the turn of the last century, and as such became known as the "Blackpool of the Potteries".

Rudyard Kipling, the famous author, was named after Rudyard Lake.

on Rudyard Lake


Aug 8th 
Knutsford & Northwich 
51 miles.

A grand spin to Northwich, where I fell in with an invalided sailor, who piloted me round the town, and a queer place it is, houses sloping at alarming angles, owing to salt mines. 
We also wandered a few miles up the “Weaver”.  The only drawback was that I had to be contented with a few penn’orth of gingerbread for dinner so felt rather weak returning.


Rock Salt Mines, Northwich
Rock Salt Mines, Northwich

abandoned mines still lay under the northern part of Northwich, their roofs supported by pillars of rock salt

Offices on Castle Street, Northwich, leaning backwards and almost toppling over as a result of subsidence.



Aug 30th 
20 miles

The only incident worthy of notice during this ride was the hole I dug in my shin, through slipping off the steps.



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