The Pegasus Cycling Club


The Pegasus Cycling Club



Oct 12th
Congleton & Holmes Chapel
40 miles

Had a glorious treat along the High Lane, stones just been laid on road for a few miles. 

Struggled up Rood Hill, managed to lose our road, thanks to Charles who was supposed to have been that way short time before.  Another rush back, just landed before dark. 

Charlie tootling finely through Goldenhill and Tunstall, Jelah!


So endeth the first chapter!
Amen: Total journeys 7

Total Miles 203
Average number of miles per journey 29


Duke of Wellington - High Street, Goldenhill 
Duke of Wellington - High Street, Goldenhill 

R.C. Church  - High Street, Goldenhill 
R.C. Church  - High Street, Goldenhill 



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