The Pegasus Cycling Club


The Pegasus Cycling Club



A few remarks on the first season.

The principle event of this season was that of Harry and Charlie’ ride to Leek. 

They made the most of their opportunities by rushing off (bar the rushing) without any breakfast.  All went merrily ? till they reached the Ladderedge, when the front tyre came off Charlie’s machine, and Charles came a cropper. 
The tyre was found cut in two, so Chy tied it round his stomach to quieten the pangs of hunger (and anger) and the pair returned sadder if not wiser, cheered on the way by several waggonette parties, and also farmers, who made numerous playful charges at Charles, he also frightened a horse out of it’s wits, by way of revenge.

Harry enjoyed himself on several occasions.
Onetime by a desperate struggle with a toy terrier, on another ride he experienced some exciting moments in connection with the kerbstone and a farmer’s cart; also a match Spokes v Boulder, the latter came off best at the finish. 

Concluding with a sensational one-legged ride.  Charley distinguishing himself on one occasion by trying to ride with his bicycle in the air and his head dug in the ground.


St. Edward Street, Leek
St. Edward Street, Leek 

John Creber



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