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The Potteries, Newcastle and District Directory - 1907

List of
China, Earthenware, &c., Manufacturers in 1907

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Alcock, Henry and Co., Ltd., Waterloo-road, Cobridge. Earthenware

Bennion, Samuel, Victoria Works, Newport-lane, Middleport, China and Earthenware

Bentley, John, 82, Scotia-road. Tiles

Boote, T. and R., Ltd., Waterloo-road and Portland Tile Works, Newcastle-st. Tile manufacturers

Boulton, Frederick, 7, Wade-street. Sanitary Ware

Bourne and Leigh, Albion Pottery, Orme-street, Earthenware

Brown and Steventon, Royal Pottery, Market-place, and Corporation-street. Toilet Ware and Earthenware

Burgess and Leigh, Middleport Pottery, Port-street. Earthenware and China

Burslem Pottery Co., Scotia Works, Overhouse-street. Earthenware

Century Pottery Co., Swan Chambers, Swan-square. Earthenware

Clewes, George and Co., Ltd., Progressive Works, Commercial-street. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Cobridge Brick and Sanitary Pipe Co , Ltd., Leek New-road and Hamil-road. Sanitary

Crown Pottery Co., Newcastle-street. Earthenware

Davison and Son, Warburton-street. Earthenware

Dean, T. W., Newport Pottery, Newport-lane, Middleport. Earthenware

Doulton and Co., Ltd., Nile street. China, Earthenware, and Sanitary

Dunn, Bennett, and Co., Royal Victoria Pottery, Liverpool-road. China and Earthenware

Edwards and Sons, Hadderidge Pottery. Earthenware

Elton, J. F., and Co., Belle Works, 78, Waterloo-road. China

Ford and Son, Newcastle-Street. Earthenware.

Ford, Samuel and Co., Lincoln Pottery, Newport-lane. China and Earthenware

Furnivals, Ltd., Elder-road, Cobridge. Earthenware

Gaskell and Grocott, White Hall Works, Longport. Electrical China

Gibson and Sons, Ltd., Albany Works, Moorland-road. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham and Samian

Globe Sanitary Pottery, Ltd., Waterloo-road, Cobridge. Earthenware and Sanitary

Grimwades, Ltd., Brownfield Works, Woodall-street, Cobridge. Toilet Ware

Hall, Gater, and Co., Overhouse Pottery, Wedgwood-place. Earthenware

Hobson, George, Albert-street, and 36, Bridge-street

Holdcroft, Arthur, Hanover-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Holdcroft, J. W., 31, Wade-street, Earthenware

Hollinshead and Griffiths, Chelsea Works, Moorland-toad. China and Earthenware

Hughes, Thomas and Son, Unicorn Works, Davonport-st. Earthenware, Sanitary, and Tiles

Hulme, Henry and Sons, Garfield Pottery, Waterloo-road. Earthenware

Hulme, Wm., Leek New-road, Cobridge. Earthenware

Johnson, H. and R. (Crystal Porcelain Tile Works, Elder-road. China and Tiles

Johnson, S., Hill Pottery, High-street. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Keeling and Co., Ltd, Dalehall Works. Stubbs-sfreet. Earthenware

Kent, William, Novelty Works, Wellington-street. Earthenware

King and Barratt, Bourne's Bank Pottery, Bourne's Bank. Jet, Rockingham, Samian, and Earthenware

Macintyre, James and Co., Ltd., Washington Works, Waterloo-road. China 

Maddock, John and Sons, Ltd., Newcastle Pottery and Dalehall Pottery, Newcastle-street. Earthenware and China 

Malkin Tile Works Co., Ltd., Newport-lane, Middleport. Tiles 

Marsden, Sydney, 181, Newport-lane, Middleport. Tiles

Meakin, Alfred, Highgate Pottery, Wilkinson-street. Earthenware and China

Myott, Son, and Co., Arthur-street. Earthenware

Navigation Sanitary Co., Navigatiun-road. Earthenware and Sanitary.

Palmer, Ernest, Leek New-road, Cobridge. Earthenware

Palmers, Ltd., Davonport-street, and Trubshaw Cross, Longport. Tiles

Plant Bros., Crown Works, Newcastle-street. China and Earthenware

Platt, Daniel and Sons, Brownhills (postal address Tunstall). Tiles

Price Bros. (Burslem), Ltd., Albion Works, 60, Navigation-rd. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Rhodes Tile Co.. Ltd., Reginald-street Works, Reginald-street. Tiles

Sadler J., and Sons, Newport-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Sanitary Pottery Co., Station-street, Longport. Sanitary

Shorter Bros., Liverpool-road. Earthenware

Simpson, C, and Co., Crown Works, Market-place. Earthenware and Sanitary

Simpson, T. A., and Co., Ltd., Furlong Tile Works, Furlong-lane. Tiles

Stanley Bros., Ltd., Dalehall. Tiles

Sudlow, R., and Sons, Adelaide Pottery. Adelaide-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Till, Thomas and Sons, Sytch Pottery, Liverpool-road. Earthenware

Upper Hanley Pottery (Grimwades, Ltd.), Brownheld Works, Cobridge. Earthenware

Wade and Co., Union Pottery, High-street. Jet, Rockinghim, and Samian

Wade, George, Manchester Pottery, High-street. Earthenware

Wade, J. and W., and Co., Flaxman Tile Works, High-street. Tiles

Wedgwood and Co., Ltd., Brownhills (postal address Tunstall). China and Earthenware

Wilkinsons, Ltd., Royal Staffordshire Pottery. Earthenware and China

Wood & Sons, Trent & New Wharf Potteries, Furlong-lane & Navigation-rd. Earlhenware

Wood, Arthur, Bradwell Works, Davonport-street. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, & Samian

Wood, H. J., Alexandra Pottery, Amicable-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Wood, Wm., and Co.. Albert-street Works. China, China Door Furniture, and Earthenware


also see list of Burslem area potters in 1947





Baker and Co., Ltd., Fenton Potteries, Market-place and Victoria-road. Earthenware

Barkers and Kent, Ltd., Foley Pottery, King-street. Earthenware and China

Basin Brick and Tile Co., Ltd., Whieldon-road. Tiles

Beardmore, Frank and Co., Sutherland Pottery, High-street East. Earthenware

Bradbury, H. J., and Co., Globe Works, Napier-street. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian 

Brain, Elijah and Co., Foley China Works, King-street. China 

Broadhurst, James and Sons, Frederick-street. Earthenware 

Cooper, J. W., Crown Pottery, Mill-street. China and Earthenware 

Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co., Ltd., Minerva Works, Park-street. 

China Edwards, William, 3, Clifton-street. Earthenware 

Emery Bros., 3, Fountain-street. Earthenware

Fielding and Co., Ltd., Sutherland-street. Earthenware and China 

Foley (The) China Co. (Wileman and Co.), King-street. China 

Goodwin, Stoddart and Co., Foley Works, King-street. China 

Grimwade, Holmes, and Co., Ltd., Rubian Art Pottery, Park-road. Earthenware 

Hines Bros., Heron Cross Pottery, 19. Gordon-street. Toilet Ware, Earthenware, and China 

Hughes, E., and Co., Opal Works, Atlas-street. China 

Jones, A. G. Harley, Royal Vienna Art Pottery. China and Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham,. and Samian 

Kent, Jas., Old Foley Pottery, King-street. Earthenware 

Mackee and Sons, Foley Works, King-street China and Earthenware 

Morley, Fox, and Co., Ltd., Victoria-road. Earthenware

Plant, R. H. and S. L., Canning Pottery, Canning-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian 

Pratt. F. and R. and Co., Ltd., Fenton Potteries, High-street East. Earthenware

Radford, Samuel, High-street, and St. Louis Fine Art Pottery, Napier-street, China

Reeves, James, Victoria Works, Market-street. Earthenware

St. Louis Fine Art Pottery Co., Napier-street. Fine Art China

Wileman and Co. (Foley China Co.), King-street. China and Toilet Ware

Wilson, Stephen Thomas, Park Works, 1, Market-street. China

Winkle and Co., Colonial Pottery, Whieldon-road. Earthenware and China


also see list of Fenton (& Stoke) area potters in 1947

also see list of Fenton (& Longton) area potters in 1947




Anthony, I, J., and Son, New Park Works, Rectory-road. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian 

Antique Pottery Co., Mayer-street. Tiles 

Ashworth, G. L., Broad-street. Earthenware and Sanitary 

Atlas Tile Works, Vine-street. Tiles

Bates and Dewsberry, Art Tile Works, Adventure-place. Tiles 

Bennett, William, Cleveland Works. Earthenware and Toilet

Billington, H. and W., Smithfield Works, Mollart-street. China and Earthenware 

Bishop and Stonier, High-street and Stafford-street. China and Earthenware 

Bould, Wm , Clarence Works, Great York-street & Granville Pottery, Bryan-st. Earthenware 

Bullers, Ltd., Joiners' Square Works. China Earthenware, Insulator, & China Door Furniture 

Bullock, A., Kensington Pottery, off Broad-street. Earthenware 

Cartlidge and Mathers, Slippery-lane, Shelton. Earthenware

Cauldon (Brown-Westhead, Moore and Co.), Ltd., Cauldon-place Works. China, Earthen¬ware, and Sanitary

Clementson Bros., Phoenix and Bell Works, Broad-street. Earthenware 

Cleveland Tile Works, Cleveland-street, Shelton. Tiles 

Cotton and Boden, Victoria Pottery Co., Victoria-road. Earthenware 

Cotton, Elijah, Nelson Pottery, Commercial-road. Toilet and Earthenware 

Dean, M., Ranelagh-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian 

Dudson Bros., Hanover-street. Jasper Ware

Dudson, Wilcox, and Till, Ltd., Britannia Pottery, High-street. Earthenware 

Edwards, R., and Co., St. James-street Pottery. St. James-street. Jet, Rockingham, & Samian 

Electric and Ordnance Accessories Co., Ltd., Slippery-street, Shelton. 

Electrical China Empire Porcelain Co., Stoke-road. Earthenware 

Ford, Charles, Cannon-street. China

Grey, Joseph, Britannia Pottery, William-street, Toilet and Earthenware 

Grimwades, Ltd., Stoke-road. China and Toilet Ware 

Hackney A. G., Fairfield Pottery, Slippery-lane, Shelton. Earthenware 

Hammersley, J. and R., New-street. Earthenware 

Hill-street Pottery Co., Hill-street. Earthenware

Howson, George and Son, Ltd., Eastwood Sanitary Works. Sanitary 

Howson, George and Son, Ltd., Paxton-street. Tiles and Earthenware 

James, Percy C, and Co., Ltd., Boundary-street. Tiles 

Johnson Bros., Ltd., Hanley Pottery. China, Earthenware, and Sanitary

Lancaster and Sons, Ltd., Mount Pleasant, Shelton. Earthenware 

Lockitt, William H., Wellington Pottery. Toilet 

Lockett, William M., Commercial-road. Earthenware 

Machin, William, George-street. Earthenware 

Marlborough Pottery Co., 128, Union-street. Earthenware 

Meakin, .J. and G., Ltd., Ivy House-road. China and Earthenware 

Meakin, J. and G., Eastwood Pottery, Lichfleld-street, Earthenware 

Morris and Co.. Trent Works, Fenton-road. Majolica 

New Birch Tile Co., 24, Clarence-street. Tiles 

New Hall Pottery Co., Ltd., Marsh-street. Earthenware 

Ollivant, Henry Abraham. Etruscan Tile Works, Edward-street. Tiles 

Pearl Pottery Co, Ltd., Brook-street and Marsh street. Earthenware 

Physick and Cooper, Anchor Works. Brewery-street. Earthenware 

Pointon and Co., 21, Norfolk-street. China and Earthenware

Porcelain Tile Co., Festing-street. Tiles

Providence Pottery Co., Chell-street (proprietors E. and J. Plant). Earthenware

Ridgways, Bedford Works, Bedford-road. Earthenware

Rigby and Stevenson, Pelham-street Works. Earthenware and Toilet

Royal Sanitary Pottery Co, Brook-street. Sanitary

Sandlands, Ltd., Lichfield-street Pottery, Ogden-road. Earthenware

Shaw, A., Shelton Tile Works. Tiles

Shaw, T. J. and W. G., Bucknall Works, Bucknall Old-road. Earthenware

Sherwin and Cotton, 17. Cooper-street, and Eastwood Tile Works. Sanitary and Tiles

Shufflebotham, T., Royal Crown Pottery Co., Cannon-street. Earthenware

Smith, Isaac, Raymond-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Snow, J. and J., Pyenest-street Works, Howard-place, Shelton. Earthenware

Swinnertons, Vulcan Works, Burton-place. China and Earthenware

Taylor, Tunniciff, and Co., Ltd., Eastwood. China Lock and Door Furniture, Insulator and Electrical China 

The Decorative Art Tile Co., 200, Bryan-street. Tiles 

Thomas, George, 18, Bucknall New-road. Earthenware 

Twyfords, Ltd., Cliffe Vale Potteries. Earthenware and Sanitary 

Walshaw and Edwards, Bath-street Art Works, Bath-street. Earthenware 

Wardle and Co., Washington Works, Victoria-road. Earthenware 

Weatherby, J. H., and Son, Falcon Pottery, High street. Earthenware 

Wedgwood, Josiah and Sons, Ltd., Etruria. China, Earthenware, and Jasper Ware 

Woolliscroft, G., and Son, Ltd., Waterloo Works, Nelson-road, and Humbert-street, Etruria. Sanitary and Tiles



also see list of Hanley area potters in 1947







Adderleys, Ltd., Spring Garden-road. China and Earthenware

Allerton, C, and Sons, Park Works, High-street. China and Earthenware

Amison, C, Stanley Pottery, Stanley-street, and Wedgwood-street. China

Anchor Works, Anchor-road. China

Asbury, Edward and Co., Ltd., Prince of Wales Works. China

Aynsley, H., and Co., Commerce-street. Earthenware

Aynsley, J., and Son, Portland Works, Sutherland-road. China

Baker Bros., Ltd., Barker-street. China

Barlow, F. W , and Co., Commerce-street. Earthenware

Bentley, G. L., and Co., Ltd., Cyples' Old Pottery, Cyples-lane. China

Beresford Bros., 31, High-street. Earthenware

Beswick, James W., Gold-street. Earthenware

Blackhurst and Hulme, 51, High-street. China

Blair and Co., Beaconsfield Pottery, Anchor-road. China

Blythe Porcelain Co., Ltd., High-street. China

Brian, Thomas, Bank Works, Warren-place, Warren-street. Earthenware

Bridgett and Bates, King-street. China

Bridgwood and Son, Anchor Pottery, Wharf-street. China

British Anchor Pottery Co., Anchor-road. Earthenware

Bromley, John, Barker-street and Upper Hill-street. China, Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Brookes, Ltd., Warwick Works, Chadwick-street. Earthenware 

Cartwright and Edwards, Trentham-road. Earthenware 

Ceramic Supply Co., High-street. China and Earthenware 

Colclough, H. J., Goddard-street Works. China 

Collingswood Bros., Ltd., Clayton-street. China 

Cone, Thomas, Alma Works, High-street. Earthenware 

Cope, J. H., Stafford-street. China

Dennis, F. C, Cyples-lane. Earthenware

Edwards and Brown, High-street. China

Edwards, William, Russell-street Works. Warren-place, Warren-street. Earthenware

Finney, Jos., Willow-street. China

Foley China Co. (Wileman and Co.), The Foley China Works. China

Forester, T., and Sons, Ltd., Imperial Works, Station-square. China and Earthenware

Hammersley and Co., Sutherland-road. China

Heath, Thomas, Albion Works, High-street. Earthenware

Hewitt and Leadbeater, Willow-street. China

Hill and Co., Windsor Pottery, Clayton-street. China

Holdcrofts, Ltd., Sutherland Pottery, Daisy Bank. Earthenware

Hudson, W., Sutherland Pottery, Normacot-road. China

Jackson and Gosling, The Foley. China

Jones, A. B., and Sons, Marlborough-road. China and Earthenware

Jones, Albert E., and C, Garfield Pottery, Upper Hill-street. Earthenware

Lawrence, Thomas, Waterloo-street. Earthenware and Toilet

Ledgar and Smith, Heathcote-road. Earthenware

Lockett, John and Co., Chancery-lane. Earthenware

Longton Porcelain Co., High-street. China

Lowe, William, Sutherland-road. China and Earthenware

Mayer and Sherratt, Stafford-street. China

Middleton, J. H., Bagnall-street. China

Peake, Joseph, Church-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Plant Bros., Stanley Works. Bagnall-street. China

Plant, R. H. and S. L., Truscan Works, Forrister-street. China

Poole, T., Cobden Works, Cooke-street. China

Proctor, Geo. and Co., Gladstone Pottery, High-street. China

Ratcliffe and Co., Church-street. Earthenware

Redfern and Drakeford, Balmoral Works, Boundary Side. China

Royal Art Pottery Co., Waterloo-street. Earthonware

Salt and Nixon, Gordon Pottery, Anchor-road and Forrister-street. China

Shaw and Copestake, Normacot-road. Earthenware

Shore, J., and Co., New-street. China

Smith, S., Sutherland Works, Barker-street. China and Earthenware

Star China Co.. Atlas Works, High-street. China

Stubbs Bros., Ltd., Argyle Works, Edensor-road. China

Tams, John and Son, Stafford-street. Earthenware

Taylor and Kent, Florence Works, High-street. China

Urwin, J., and Co., Cornhill-passage. Earthenware

Waine, Charles, Sutherland-road. China

Warrilow and Sons, Sutherland-road. China 

Wild Bros., Edensor-road. China 

Wildblood, Heath, and Sons, Stafford-street. China 

Williamson, H. M., and Sons, Cooke-street. China



also see list of Longton area potters in 1947





Atlas China Co., Ltd., Atlas China Works, Wolfe-street. China

Baker, James, King's Field Pottery, Shelton New-road. Earthenware and Sanitary

Barrett, J. H., and Co., Ltd., Boothen Old-road. Tiles

Bennett, Joseph and Son, Brick Kiln-lane. Tiles

Billons, Ltd., London-road. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Caddick, J., Spoutfields Tileries, Brick Kiln-lane. Tiles

Campbell and Co., London-road. Tiles

Cleveland Tile Co., Liverpol-road. Tiles

Collinson and Co., Back Glebe-street. Tiles

Copeland, R. P., and Co., 3, High-street. Earthenware and China

Floyd, R., and Co., Hall-street. China and Earthenware

Goff, J., Registry-street. China and Earthenware

Goss, W. H., Edward-street. China

Grimwades, Ltd., Winton, Stoke, and Elgin Potteries. Earthenware and China

Hancock, S., and Sons, Gordon Works, Wolfe-street. China and Earthenware

Hartshill Brick and Tile Co., Ltd., Stoke Old-road. Tiles

Jones, George and Sons, Ltd., Trent Potteries. China and Earthenware

Kirkham, H. A., Kirkham-street. Earthenware

Kirkland and Co., Brick Kiln-lane. Earthenware

Mintons, Ltd., London-road China and Earthenware

Minton, Hollins and Co., Patent Tile Works. Tiles

Real, George, Trent Vale Tileries. Tiles

Platt, Daniel and Sons, Harpfield Tileries, 715, Hartshill-road. Tiles

Robinson and Lead beater, Ltd., Wolfe-street. China and Earthenware

Shorter and Sons, Copeland-street. Earthenware and China

Smith, James, Glebe Pottery, Copeland-street. China and Earthenware

Sneyd, John, Basford Tileries, Brick Kiln-lane. Tiles

Steele, Eli and Co., Coronation Pottery, Lonsdale-street. Earthenware

The Orient China Co., Glebe-street. China

Wheatley and Co., Springfield Tileries, Springfield. Tiles

Williams and Sons, Ltd., Basford Tileries, Brick Kiln-lane. Tiles.

Wilshaw and Robinson, 46, Copeland-street. China

Winkle, F., and Co., Colonial Potteries. Earthenware, Sanitary, and China

Wood, Leonard, Wolfe-street. Tiles



also see list of Stoke area potters in 1947




Adams, Wm., and Co., Greengates Pottery, Furlong-road and Greenfield Pottery, Biddulph-road, China, Earthenware, and Tiles

Booths, Ltd., High-street China and Earthenware

Booth, George, 29, Victoria-street. Tiles

Clews, Ed., Scotia-road. Tiles

Corn Bros., Bridge Tile Works, Albert-street. Tiles

Dean, Thomas, High-street. Earthenware, Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Grindley, W. H., and Co., Woodland Pottery, Lower Wood-street. Earthenware

Hollinshead and Kirkham, Amicable-street. China

Humphreys, J. P., Park Pottery, Meadow-street. Earthenware

Johnson Bros. (Hanley), Ltd., Alexandra Pottery, Scotia-road. Earthenware

Lea and Boulton, The Art Tileries, Church-street. Tiles

Lingard, Webster, and Co., Swan Bank Pottery, High-street. Jet, Rockingham, and Samian

Meakin, Alfred, Ltd., Royal Albert, Victoria, and Highgate Potteries, Parsonage-st. Earthenware and Tiles

Peake, Thomas, Booth-street

Platt, D., and Sons, Booth-street. Tiles

Rathbone, T., Fairfield Pottery, High-street, Sandyford. Earthenware

Shaw and Son, Sandyford Pottery, High-street, Sandyford. Earthenware

Smiths, George-street Pottery, George-street. Earthenware

Soho Pottery, Ltd., High-street. Earthenware

Standard Pottery Co., Keele-street

The Henry Richards Tile Co., Pinnox Works Woodland-street. Tiles

Wedgwood and Co., Ltd., Brownhills. Earthenware


also see list of Tunstall area potters in 1947



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