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J & S Gould, Crate Makers, Abbey Road, Hanley


J & S Gould, Crate Makers, Abbey Road, Hanley
J & S Gould, Crate Makers, Abbey Road, Hanley


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1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'


This Invention relates to improvements in Crates for packing purpose, and is constructed with a number of vertical aide members, let into openings in tbe horizontal top and bottom side rails. The bottom cross pieces have their ends let into openings in the horizontal bottom rails. 

The ends of such cross pieces, passing through openings in the lower ends of the vertical side members. Vertical end members are provided, their ends let into openings in the horizontal end rails. A central strengthing strip is provided, such strip having its ends brought over the end pieces, and secured there by staples, and fixed to each cross piece by nails or the like. 

Other binding or strengthening stripes are provided round the vertical side and end members. The removable top is composed of side rails, end rails, and cross pieces. The ends rails and cross pieces being let into openings in the side rails, such ends preferably projecting beyond the side rails. The vertical side and end members, horizontal cross pieces and end rails, are preferably tapered at their ends.


Extract from Testimonial from Canada

Dear Sirs." I am a Packer from the Potteries, and the Crates you make are stamped with your name, and we buy them second-hand from Crockery Dealers here, who buy them from England. 

The square crates with staves nailed and cover nailed and Do withe at the sides stand the test the best of any. We send them a distance of 500 miles, and get them back and repack them again and again, finally shipping them to Winnipeg or British Columbia, a distance of three to five thousand miles, so you ran form an idea of what your crates go through before they are done up. 

Canadian made Crates for home purposes are copied from yours, but they are rubbish compared to the original make."


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contents: 2010 adverts