Thomas Wood & Co


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Wood & Co





Earthenware manufacturer at the Wedgwood Pottery and then (probably from 1886) at the Queen Street Potteries, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.


Subsequently: Thomas Wood & Sons



Thomas Wood & Co
Wedgwood Pottery, Burslem, Staffordshire

Pottery Gazette,  January 1885 




plate in a typical Gaudy Welsh style pattern 

T.W. & Co 

The Registration Number indicates that the pattern was design was registered around 1889



platter in the Poppy pattern 
Thomas Wood & Co mark
T.W. & Co 

POPPY is the pattern name




the  MAY pattern - in the aesthetic style

T.W. & Co 

MAY is the pattern name

photos courtesy: Chris Burgess



Initials & marks used as identification:

T.W. & CO

Thomas Wood & Co mark

this typical 'belt' mark was continued by 
Thomas Wood & Sons with the initials T.W. & S. 



1879 map showing the location of the Queen Street Works

Queen Street was named after the pottery ware Wedgwood made for Queen Charlotte in 1765. 

The Queen Street Works were demolished around 1904 to provide the site for the Burslem School of Art. 



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