Thomas Booth & Sons


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Booth & Sons




Earthenware, stoneware and jasper ware manufacturer at the rear part of the New Hall Works on the junction of New Hall Street and York Street, Hanley. 

NOTE: It was common practice for manufacturers and landlords to rent potworks to a succession of pottery manufacturers. It was also a regular practice for the larger works to be let to a number of manufacturers at the same time. 


"...when John Aynsley, china manufacturer of Longton, purchased the back portion of the [New Hall]  works and let it to Thomas Booth & Sons. 

The entire front of the New Hall works was purchased by Henry Hall, metal mounter of jugs, teapots, etc., so that the manufactory became divided into two distinct properties. The portion occupied by Messrs. Booth, having been burnt down, was rebuilt. Their productions were the usual classes of ordinary earthenware in printed, painted, enamelled, and gilt services; stoneware, in which a large variety of jugs and teapots were made; and jasper ware. 

They were succeeded in their business in about 1870 by Ambrose Bevington & Co."

Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900.