T Booth & Co


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Booth & Co





Earthenware and ironstone manufacturers at the Knowles Works in Burslem (c.1868) and the Church (Bank) works in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Thomas Booth originally worked at the Knowles Works in Burslem from 1864 as Evans & Booth

  • Around 1868 Thomas Booth worked on his own account at the Knowles Works as Thomas Booth & Co

  • c.1870 Thomas Booth & Co had relocated to the Church Bank Works in Tunstall

  • in 1872 Thomas' son Thomas Gimbert joined the business which became Thomas Booth & Son


Subsequently Thomas Booth & Son

London Gazette
February 21, 1873

notice for claimants on the estate of Thomas Booth



Plate in the Indian Tree pattern 


wash set in the Royal Ribbon pattern 

this pattern was continued by Thomas Booth & Son 
it was produced in polychrome and a number of single colour transfers

Royal Ribbon 
T B & Co



tureen & stand in the Vase pattern 

this pattern was continued by the successor company
Thomas Booth & Son and Thomas G. Booth

T B & Co

'VASE' is the pattern name

the registration diamond shows that the pattern was registered on the
 14 September 1868



set of serving platters in the Vase pattern 


Black transferware soup dish in the Vase pattern



ironstone teapot with gilt decoration
ironstone ware produced mainly for the American market 



plate in the Asiatic Pheasants pattern

- Asiatic Pheasants -

Warranted Staffordshire
T. B. Co 



Marks & initials used on ware for identification:


T B & CO

T B & Co

'Indian Tree' is the pattern name 


Warranted Best Ironstone China
T B & Co

mark incorporating the Royal Arms-



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