Thomas Booth & Sons


Location and period of operation:

Thomas Booth & Sons





Earthenware manfacturer at the Britannia Works, High Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-trent, England





212194 - Thomas Booth - 10 October 1867 - Jug

229627 - Thomas Booth - 26 May 1869 - Jug

Manufactured items such as this design, include the registration diamond mark within a ring impressed with the pattern name 'Sweep Race', the size number '24' and the initials 'TB' followed by 'Hanley'.





moulded earthenware teapot with a pewter lid

Registered design number: 242234
1870 Jun 7
Proprietor: Thomas Booth.
Address: Britannia Works, High Street, Hanley, Staffordshire.

T. B.

the registration diamond gives a date of 7th June 1870 for the registration of the design. 'Hanley' is the name of the town where the factory was located.
'Dresden' is the pattern name
'18' is the size number



photos courtesy: Ann Tattam




Britannic Pottery, corner of High Street (now Old Town Road) & Broom Street, Hanley 

photo: Dec 2010

the Britannic Pottery was built on the front of the Upper Hanley Works,  which had been in operation since 1863



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