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Alfred Colley & Co. Ltd





Earthenware manufacturer at the Gordon Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • In 1909 Alfred Colley took over the Gordon Pottery from Cumberlidge & Humphreys.

  • In April 1913 King George V and Queen Mary visited Stoke-on-Trent - a large pottery exhibition was hosted at the King's Hall, Stoke. Alfred Colley & Co contributed to the exhibition. 

  • Alfred Colley ceased business in 1914 and around 1915 was succeeded at the Gordon Pottery by A.G. Richardson and Co 



Alfred Colley & Co., Ltd., Gordon Pottery, are manufacturers of dinner, tea , and toilet ware, inthe best quality of semi-porcelain. They have many excellent shapes and decorations in all these lines for the home trade, but they make a special feature of forms and ornamentations expressley for Canada, the United States, and the Colonies.

Mr. Colley has had a long experience of the requirments of the American and Canadian markets, and new shapes in dinner and toilet ware are designed for the coming seasons trade. Neat border patterns are shown in great variety on dainty dinner services, with oval cover dishes. 

The body of the company's "Royal" semi-porcelain is very hard, but the goods are well modelled and are nice and light. The firm have a fine show of samples at the works, and new shapes are being constantly added.

Mr. Colley gives his personal attention to orders for export, and American and Colonial buyers are specially invited to call and see him at the Gordon Pottery. 

Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review 
May 1911


Alfred Colley & Co., Ltd.,
Gordon Pottery, Tunstall, Staffs


Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review 
June 1911


Platter in the Copenhagen pattern


Platter in the Paris pattern


Plate in the Lusitania pattern

photos courtesy: Judy Koen

Lusitania was a popular pattern for Albert Colley, they produced a wide range of dinner ware in this pattern.

The pattern was not used on, or named after, the ship HMS Lusitania. The name is derived from the former Roman province located in what is now Potugal

In common with other pottery manufacturers Colley named many patterns after great cities and place names.



Pottery fragment showing mark and pattern of an 
Alfred Colley plate found on the beach of High Island, Texas
Which is about 30 miles up the coast (east) from Galveston. 
(found 2004)

LUSITANIA is the pattern name



Marks used on ware for identification:




Alfred Colley Ltd.


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