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Gordon Pottery, Pinnox Street, Burslem



NOTE: There was also a Gordon Pottery in Longton and a Gordon Works in Stoke (unrelated to the works in Tunstall)



The Gordon Pottery, Tunstall - 1969
watercolour painting by Reginald Haggar 1905-1988












Cumberlidge & Humphreys

William Myatt Cumberlidge and Joseph Humphreys moved to the newly build Gordon Pottery in 1886



Humphreys Brothers John Humphreys jnr joined the business and in October 1893 Cumberlidge left. The business continued as Humphreys Brothers. By 1896 the business was bankrupt


Gater, Hall & Co Gater, Hall operated the pottery from c.1899 to 1907 - the called the works "The New Gordon Pottery" 
Around 1905 Thomas Gater purchased the Royal Overhouse Pottery in Burslem and c.1907 and manufacturing moved there. 


Alfred Colley & Co Ltd  


A. G. Richardson

The business was founded in 1915 by Albert G. Richardson at the Gordon Pottery, Tunstall where they extend the works after a very short period as business increased. 
In 1934 they aquired the Britannia Pottery, Cobridge. 
A. G. Richardson also continued at the Gordon Pottery. 
c.1942 the works were closed as part of the manufacturing consolidation during World War II

After the war the works opened again and the business continued for some time.

1964 maps records the works as "Sheet Metal Works" and so Richardson stopped using the Gordon Pottery prior to this date. 







from: Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review Reference Book Directory, 1947
- click the map for more details -


7 Hollinshead & Kirkham

8 Johnson Bros. (Hanley), Ltd.

9 Grenville Pottery, Ltd.

10 W. H. Grindley & Co., Ltd.

11 Thos. Dean & Sons, Ltd.

12 A. G. Richardson & Co., Ltd.

13 Grindley Hotel Ware Co., Ltd.

14 Wedgwood & Co., Ltd.

15 George Clews & Co., Ltd.




OS map 1882

before the building of the Gordon Pottery in 1885
Pinnox Street and Gibson Street are not yet built and
the area where the works will be built is an old colliery and brickworks 



OS map 1899

Pinnox Street and Gibson Street are now built 
the Gordon Pottery is shown in red




OS map 1925

the Gordon Pottery has been expanded and taken
the place of some of the houses on Williamson Street



OS map 1951

the Gordon Pottery has expanded further




OS map 1964 

the location of the Gordon Pottery is recorded as 'Sheet metal Works' and 'Warehouse' 




The Gordon Pottery was bounded by Pinnox Street and Gibson Street in Tunstall

This view is of the north side of Pinnox Street, Gibson Street runs off to the right
The building on the corner with the overhang, still stands (2018)

Photo: 1964 Mr Bert Bentley



the same view in 2012 
Google Street View of Pinnox Street with Gibson Street to the right

The Gordon Pottery is mostly demolished and the site is now small industrial units, 
although some of the pottery works can still be seen standing and  the terraced houses, 
dating from the 1880s, at the end of Pinnox Street still stand






The photograph shows bottle ovens of the Gordon Pottery from Gibson Street.

Photo: 1964 Mr Bert Bentley

- images courtesy of Stoke-on-Trent City Archives -

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