William Hudson


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William Hudson




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China manufacturer who continued at the Alma Works after the partnership with Middleton ended (c.1889-1892) and then at the Sutherland Pottery (c.1892-1941), Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

Note: Not to be confused with the different company William Hudson & Son at the Gladstone Pottery, Stafford Street, Longton. 

Formerly: Middleton & Hudson (1870-1889) at the Alma Works. 
Subsequently: Hudson & Middleton (1941+) at the Sutherland Pottery.

on the development of Middleton & Hudson

  Initials & Marks used on ware for identification:



Printed marks
all with the trade name "Sutherland"



mark of unknown date
but show the early introduction of a
rampant lion on the marks 



this mark has a number of 
variations with the position
and combination of the words
"Sutherland" "China" "Bone China"

the mark was continued by 
Hudson & Middleton with the 
addition of the initials H & M


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