Adderleys Ltd  


Location and period of operation:

Adderleys Ltd



? (1990's)

Adderleys Ltd operated at the Daisy Bank Pottery in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent - producing China and Earthenware

From c.1936 to 1988 Adderley operated 'Adderley Floral and Figurine China Co Ltd' at Adderley Works, Sutherland Road, Longton


Previously:  William Alsager Adderley and Co    (1876 - 1905)


This company was taken over by Ridgway Potteries Ltd in 1947 - but ware was continued to be produced with the Adderleys name.

From c.1936 - 1988 ware was produced at the Adderley Works, Sutherland Road, Longton under the name of Adderley Foral China.



bottom centre is the Daisy Bank Works
In 1952 the works were renamed the Gainsborough Works

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Initials & Marks used on ware for identification:








a printed TRADE MARK of a ship was used from 1906-26
this mark was also used by William Alsager Adderleys


mark with the introduction of a crown
used 1912 - 1926


mark used 1912 - 1926


mark with the saling ship but the words
'Made in England' in place of 'Trade Mark'
used 1926 +


marl used 1926 +


Adderley Ware - Porcelaine Moderne
Adderley Ware - Porcelaine Moderne 

mark used 1929 - 1947


'OLD WILLOW' is the pattern name 

this mark was introduced c.1929 and used to 1947


Marks used 1947 onwards


in 1947 Adderleys Ltd were taken over by Ridgway Potteries Ltd
the name "Adderley" continued to be used
it was after the take over that the 1789 date was
incorporated in the mark design.....

fine bone china

these marks appear in a 1960 trade directory - 
they are all catogorised as belonging to Ridgway Potteries Ltd.  


mark used 1947-50 


mark used 1950-62 


Ridgway Potteries Ltd. Royal Adderley
Ridgway Potteries Ltd. Royal Adderley

this style of mark introduced in 1962 


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