Simpsons (Potters) Ltd


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Simpsons (Potters) Ltd




Earthenware manufacturer at the Elder Works, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Renamed from the SOHO Pottery in May 1944

  • Owned and managed by the brothers Samuel E. M. Simpson and Thomas Simpson. 

  • Samuel E. M. Simpson died later in 1944 and the business was continued by his brother Thomas and from 1947 by Samuel's son Robert W Simpson. 

  • Robert Simpson, became Director and General Manager and under his direction the factory was extensively rebuilt, tunnel kilns installed and the factory completely electrified with the latest machinery. 

  • During the 1950s/60s the company were prominent manufacturers and exporters of mid-range earthenware

  • In 1971 the company was purchased by the Pfaltzgraff Company of York, Pennsylvania, who were the largest stoneware manufacturer in the USA. Under the new owners the factory was again modernised and in addition to traditional Simpson lines, the Pfaltzgraff 'Museum Collection' was produced.

  • 1976 Pfaltzgraff announced the end of tableware production although the factory continued to produce a small volume of stoneware cookware.

  • 2004 the Simpsons business closed completely. 


Formerly SOHO (Pottery) Ltd


1956 article on Simpsons  


Solian and Ambassador Wares
Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Elder Works, Cobridge
Stoke-on-Trent, England

April 1953
The Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review

Thistledown on Vogue
Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Elder Works, Cobridge
Stoke-on-Trent, England

Prestige and Progress - A Survey of Industrial North Staffordshire
1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce - page 93

Solian Ware

Ambassador Ware

Chanticleer Ware
'French Style' 

Strasbourg Ware
'French Style' 

Queen's Green

Queen's Blue
- made in a matt and cobalt blue - 

Trade names used by Simpsons (Potters) Ltd

Simpson's Potworks on Waterloo Road, Cobridge
Simpson's Potworks on Waterloo Road, Cobridge

Simpson's Potters Ltd


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