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Elder Works, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent

Originally named Cobridge Pottery - in 1900 renamed to the Elder Pottery Works

Occupants of the works were...


Simpson's (Potters) Ltd, Elder Works, Cobridge
Simpson's (Potters) Ltd, Elder Works, Cobridge
in the front is Waterloo Road, to the left Hawthorn Street
on the right is St. Peters Catholic Church

photo: 1966
© City of Stoke-on-Trent

Simpson's Works in 2008
(no longer in business)



the remains of the original arched entrance to the works - the top of the arc and the building
to the right have been demolished leaving these pillars with the initials JA and date 1848 on them



The Elder works became the property of John and George Alcock in 1835. 
John Alcock rebuilt the front range in 1848, hence the initials “JA” and the date on the original gate posts.



Waterloo Road - Cobridge - showing a toll booth opposite the potworks c.1870
Photo: late Mr. E.D.J. Warrillow

the same view in 2001
on the left is the pottery works of Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
and St. Peters Church Hall

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contents: 2009 photos