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Enson Pottery Works, Longton

Chelson Street
Heritage No.
84 A
Date Listed
20 August 1979
Building: Enson Pottery Works
Description:  Mid late 19th Century - 4 bottle ovens and two story works range.

Bottle Kilns at Enson Pottery
Bottle Kilns at Enson Pottery

photo: Steve Birks   Oct 1999
taken from Short Street

this kiln at the Enson Works is in the range (inside the works) with only the top of the bottle
protruding through the roof
The 'bonts' are clearly visible running round the oven
around the base are the firemouths

The inner part is the kin proper. It is a round structure with a domed roof, the CROWN, and its wall are approximately one foot thick.

Iron bands known as BONTS, set about twelve inches apart, run right round the circular oven to strengthen it as it expands and contracts during the firing.

Pottery works (Enson Works)

(Formerly Listed as: CHELSTON STREET, Longton Three Bottle Kilns in rear range .... of premises occupied by Ashdale Pottery)

(Formerly Listed as: SHORT STREET, Longton Bottle Kiln in rear range of premises occ. by N Staffordshire Electric Co)

Pottery works. Late C19 with later rebuildings. Brick with tiled roofs. Courtyard plan. 2-storeyed, with arched entrance. 2-storeyed rear wing built in 2 phases with integral bottle oven. 3 further kilns in complex behind, all incorporated in buildings, one built or rebuilt in 1937.

Chelson Street, Longton - 2007
Chelson Street

Frontage of the works on Chelson Street & Normacot Road
Pottery works, 2-storeyed, with arched entrance.

photos: Chris Oldham 2007



Bottle Ovens of the Enson Works
Bottle Ovens of the Enson Works
photo: Nov 2002 Linden Cooke

Enson Works at Short Street
Sid Kirkham

Short Street Cottages


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Photo of Short Street
Photo of Short Street
photo: Nov 2002 Linden Cooke

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