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Dunn Bennett & Co (Ltd)

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Dunn Bennett & Co (Ltd)
c.1875  - 1983

Manufacturer of  earthenwares at Hanley (1875-87) and then Burslem

1968 became part of the Royal Doulton Group.


Description & date

D B & CO Initials found on printed marks of differing designs. c.1875-1907

marks with D B & Co and without a Beehive or BURSLEM are from the time at the Boothen Works in Hanley (1878-87) 


Early marks from 1886 (when Dunn Bennett moved to the Hill Works) onwards show a beehive 

(previous occupiers of the Hill Works also incorporated a bee or beehive in their marks)

The bee or beehive was a symbol of industry and cooperation


Dunn Bennett & Co
mark c.1891-1907
1886 was when Dunn Bennett moved to the Hill Works in Burslem
"ENGLAND" was added 1891 onwards 

Most marks after 1907 have "& Co Ltd"

Printed mark, 1887-1937 

the Crown mark was introduced at the Royal Victoria Pottery.

with LTD is post 1907

Printed mark, 1937-68

1937 was when Dunn Bennett moved to the Dalehall Works. 
The crown mark was continued from the Royal Victoria Pottery 


Printed mark, 1937-68 

Logo from a plate found by Anton Porteus from Southern Ocean Exploration (www.soe.org.au) in 2018 in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Australia

USS Co is The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand Ltd

Printed mark on Ironstone Wares, 1955 -

later mark, 1968 onwards - note the reference to the Royal Doulton group.



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