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Robinson & Leadbeater (Ltd)

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Robinson & Leadbeater (Ltd)

Manufacturers of parian and china figures at Stoke.


"Ltd" was added after 1905


Description & date

Impressed initial mark, found on the back of parian and china figures and groups.



Printed mark on porcelain (see picture below).


Printed mark - note the addition of 'England' and the abbreviation 'LD' for 'Ltd'

The initials ''R L' are incorporated in the design.


A Porcelain hand enamelled Jug with the Crest of Holborn
and a Vase with the Crest of Bath.
The Vase measures approximately 2.5 inches high and the Jug 3.25 inches high.

Both having the "Victorian  Porcelain" mark shown above

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