Memories of Stoke-on-Trent people - Ken Green


Ken Green


A Life in the Ceramic Tile Industry


Growing up and the route to the ceramic industry
A military interlude
Call up and the army
Stoke-on-Trent & the Military Collage of Science
The military situation in the Far East
Richards Tiles in 1948
Fuels & Kilns
Technical Societies and ceramic education
Technical Change
summary of 1948/58
Mr Geoff Corn 1899/1987
manufacturers & research associations
expansion at Adderley Green and abroad
events of 1959 and a visit to Italy
summary of 1960/67
summary of 1968/71 and the merger of Johnson's & Richard's 
1971-78 Podmore & Sons
1978-82 Mazircon; Carnival Ceramics
Hong Kong (1982-84) | Interkiln (1984-86)
  Training and Familiarisation of Chinese Delegations (1987-88)


updated: 24 March 2005