Master Potters in Georgian  Burslem (1714-1837)


Ragged School, High Street

Location 9 on the index map

Just off High Street, the Ragged School was for destitute
children who could not afford even the small charge at the
'Hill Top' Sunday School (which was only a few hundred
yards away).

This building is currently (2000) part of Wades.


7th Earl of Shaftesbury,   (1801-1885), British philanthropist, a lineal descendent of the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, born in London. He entered Parliament in 1826 as Conservative member for the borough of Woodstock and from 1831 to 1846 represented Dorset. An important force in early British reform legislation, Shaftesbury was instrumental in the passage of laws prohibiting the employment of women and children in coal mines (1842), reforming the care of the insane (1845), and establishing a ten-hour day for factory workers (1847). He promoted the construction of model tenements for the deprived and model schools, called ragged schools, for poor children.

along High Street to the bowling green

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