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Milk pitcher in a brown transfer. It is marked Furnivals Quail, 1913. According to Kovels', it is a 1921 registry number. It is 6" high, and the base is 4.5".


Earthenware vegetable bowl, 9 inches wide. The Furnivals mark on the bottom dates it between 1905 and 1913.

Brown Transferware bowl is 13" from the handles and 4-3/4" tall. It has an oriental theme, which is consistent with the craze of the period for all things oriental. The bottom is marked with the Registry Mark indicating a manufacture date of May 5, 1879. It is also marked FURNIVALS on one foot.

Staffordshire blue and white egg cups in the Denmark pattern, circa 1930. They measure 2 1/8"h. x 2 1/8"w. One is marked FURNIVALS, three are stamped ENGLAND and two are unmarked. They are, however, a matched set.

Blue and white transferware plates. The design is of two exotic oriental style birds. On the back of each plate it reads - Old Chelsea England - back-stamp is the ship with Furnival Limited written diagonally on the sail and Rd. NO. 647812. Each plate measures 8 inches.





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