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Numbers 3 & 4 Brook Street, Stoke (off Glebe Street)
Numbers 3 & 4 Brook Street, Stoke (off Glebe Street)

Brook Street, (off Glebe Steet) , Stoke - a row of terraced houses, which are listed buildings.

This row of terrace houses (nos 2 - 6) was built in 1838 in the Tudor Gothic style. The architect was Henry Ward who also designed  the Stoke Town Hall in Glebe Street (at the end of Brook Street).

These buildings are situated on the north side of Brook Street which crosses the line of the culverted Fowlea Brook - hence the name Brook Street.



At one time the land these houses are on was part of the glebe land belonging to St. Peter's Church. When originally built there were 10 houses in this street which ran from Glebe Street to Wharf Street - the building of the A500 ring road meant that a number of the houses were demolished. 

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1898 OS map showing Brook Street
Map of the glebe land of St Peter's Church


 Glebe Street in the town centre of Stoke is only a few hundred yards long but contains 14 'listed buildings' (although some are not buildings but tombstones in the church yard)  and Brook Street, which runs off Glebe Street contained 5 'listed buildings'.

Stoke Town Hall The view from Brook Street. 
Stoke Town Hall 
The view from Brook Street. 

Stoke Town Hall is the largest of the Potteries' old municipal buildings. It was designed in the classical style by Henry Ward and construction began in 1834, though the south wing still remained unfinished in 1850. 


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