Turner & Tomkinson


Location and period of operation:

Turner & Tomkinson





Earthenware manufacturers at the Victoria Works, High Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent
  • George Wardle Turner and John Tomkinson were previously in partnership as Marple, Turner & Co in Far Green, Hanley. This partnership was dissolved in 1858.

  • The Victoria Works were established in 1858 and carried on from 1861 to 1872 as Turner & Tomkinson. 

  • George W Turner and John Tomkinson were also partners, with others, in Turner, Goddard & Co

  • George W. Taylor applied for a patent in November 1865 for an invention of "improvements in machinery or apparatus for making pottery, earthenware, or ceramic articles" - this was granted in December 1868. 

  • c.1872 when Tomkinson retired the business was carried on by G. W. Turner and his sons under the style of G.W. Turner & Sons.


Previously: as partners in Marple, Turner & Co (at the Upper Hanley Works) 

Concurently: Turner, Goddard & Co

Subsequently: G. W. Turner & Sons



London Gazette
4th December 1868

record of a patent granted to George Wardle Turner 

large platter in the Dover pattern 


childs tea set in the Clyde Pattern 



hand painted transfer ware plate in the Peel pattern

this pattern was also produced without the hand colouring 



white ironstone dish in a wheat pattern 


Marks used on ware for identification:

T. & T.

Turner & Tomkinson

T & T

'CLYDE' is the pattern name

the registration diamond gives 7th March 1861 
as the date of registration of the pattern



T & T

'PEEL' is the pattern name


Ironstone China
Turner & Tomkinson 



the Victoria Pottery, Scotia Road, Tunstall

- click for more on the Victoria Pottery

Subsequently the works were operated by 
G. W. Turner and his sons and then by Alfred Meakin


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