Marple, Turner & Co


Location and period of operation:

Marple, Turner & Co





Earthenware manufacturer at the Upper Hanley Works, in Far Green, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
  • The partners were John Marple, George Wardle Turner, William Ellis and John Tomkinson

  • The partnership was dissolved in December 1858. 

  • John Marple and William Ellis continued at Far Green under the firm of Marple, Ellis & Company. 

  • George Wardle Turner and John Tomkinson carried on in partnership, at Tunstall, in the firm Turner & Tompkinson.  


Subsequently: Marple, Ellis & Company (continued at the Upper Hanley Works)

Subsequently: Turner & Tompkinson (at the Victoria Works, Tunstall)


London Gazette
28th December 1858

notice of the dissolution of the business
of Marple, Turner & Company



blue transfer ware platter in the Athean pattern



purple transfer ware plate in the Athean pattern


platter in the Asiatic Pheasants pattern


platter in the Holly pattern


plate in the Chili pattern



jug in the Chili pattern


Marks and initials used on ware for identification:

M T & Co


M T & Co

 'ATHENA' is the pattern name

The registration diamond gives 30th October 1852 
as the date of registration of the pattern


M T & Co

 'Asiatic Pheasants' is the pattern name


Ironstone China
M. T. & Co

 'HOLLY' is the pattern name


M. T. & Co

 'CHILI' is the pattern name


Upper Hanley Works

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