Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd.


Location and period of operation:

Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd



June 1964


Earthenware manufacturer at the Lower Manufactory, Newcastle Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • Thomas Ford and his sons Thomas Isaac and Sampson Hancock Ford had been in business as 'Ford & Sons'

  • In 1938 the business was purchased by Oswald Shufflebottom. He renamed the business Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd. 

  • In 1941, under the Wartime Concentration Scheme, manufacturing was moved to the nearby Royal Overhouse Pottery of Gater, Hall & Co. Both companies continued to trade during the war times.

  • After the Concentration Scheme finished Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd returned to their works in Newcastle Street.

  • In June 1964 it was resolved that the company could not meet its liabilities and arrangements were put in place for the business to be wound-up. At this time the Chairman was D. Shufflebottom.

  • In the 1960 Pottery Gazette Reference Book the company officers were listed as: Managing Director - James Webster, Sakes Director - J. W. Webster, Works Manager -  F. P. J. Cupit. 



previously: Ford & Sons

The London Gazette
3rd July 1964

notice that the business to be wound-up




Small (6 inches high) vase - marked Crown Ford
Small (6 inches high) vase - marked Crown Ford 



14 inches x 10 inches (36 cm x 25 cm)


Marks used on ware for identification:





Made in England


Burslem England

" JONQUIL" is the pattern name

Typical Ford & Sons (Crownford) mark:  1938-64

the FS logo was also previously used by Ford & Sons 



Ford & Sons - Lower Manufactory - 1929

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