Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd.


Location and period of operation:

Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd



June 1964


Earthenware manufacturer at the Lower Manufactory, Newcastle Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • Thomas Ford and his sons Thomas Isaac and Sampson Hancock Ford had been in business as 'Ford & Sons'

  • In 1938 the business was purchased by Oswald Shufflebottom. He renamed the business Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd. 

  • In 1941, under the Wartime Concentration Scheme, manufacturing was moved to the nearby Royal Overhouse Pottery of Gater, Hall & Co. Both companies continued to trade during the war times.

  • After the Concentration Scheme finished Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd returned to their works in Newcastle Street.

  • In the 1960 Pottery Gazette Reference Book the company officers were listed as: Managing Director - James Webster, Sakes Director - J. W. Webster, Works Manager -  F. P. J. Cupit. 

  • In June 1964 it was resolved that the company could not meet its liabilities and arrangements were put in place for the business to be wound-up. At this time the Chairman was D. Shufflebottom.

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previously: Ford & Sons


NOTE:  Crownford was a trade name introduced by Ford & Sons and continued by Ford & Sons (Crownford) Ltd - the Crownford name was continued by a later company called Crownford China Co. Ltd which was also owned by the Shufflebottom family. 

There was also an unrelated American importer called variously Crownford China and Crownford Giftware.



The London Gazette
3rd July 1964

notice that the business to be wound-up





Small (6 inches high) vase - marked Crown Ford
Small (6 inches high) vase - marked Crown Ford 



14 inches x 10 inches (36 cm x 25 cm)


Marks used on ware for identification:





Made in England


Burslem England

" JONQUIL" is the pattern name

Typical Ford & Sons (Crownford) mark:  1938-64

the FS logo was also previously used by Ford & Sons 



Ford & Sons - Lower Manufactory - 1929

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