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William Fairbairns Longton & Hanley (c.1863-91)

Ernest Farmiloe  Tunstall (1904)

Faulkner & Robinson

Fancies Fayre Pottery

John Farrall  Shelton (c.1854)

Federated Potteries Co Ltd    Stoke-on-Trent (1882-87)

John Fell and Co   Longton (1923-57) Longton (c.1884-87)

J T Fell and Co (Longton) Ltd  Longton (1923-57)

J Ferneyhough (& Co)

Ferneyhough   (decorators)

Alfred Fenton & Sons (& Co)  Hanley (1887-1901)

The Fenton Pottery Co  Fenton (?-1931)

Fenton China Ltd  Fenton (1982-89)

S Fielding & Co (Ltd)

W Fielding

J Finney

A T Finney and Sons Ltd  Longton (1921-89)

F.J.J.  - manufacturer uncertain


Floral Productions

Floral China Co. Ltd   Longton (1940 -1950)

Jacob Floyd

James Floyd

John Floyd

R Floyd & Co

R Floyd & Sons

Floyd, Robinson & Co     c.1850s 

Stephen Folch   Stoke (1819-29)

Fondeville & Van Iderstine
   A J Fondeville 
   Fondeville & Co

a succession of glass, china and earthenware importers in New York

Charles & Thomas Ford, Thomas Ford, Charles Ford Hanley (1854 to post 1917)

Charles Ford (& Co) Hanley (c.1846-1907+)

Samuel Ford & Co   Burslem (1898-1939)

Ford & Riley

Ford & Sons  Burslem (1893-1938)

Ford and Sons (Crownford) Ltd  Burslem (1938-1964)

Ford & Challinor

Ford & Pointon  Hanley (1917-36)

Forrister, Copestake & Forrister

George Forrister

Thomas Forester  Lane Delph (c.1800)

Thomas Forester and Sons Ltd  at the Phoenix Works, Longton (1877 - 1959)

Thomas Forester Son & Co  at the Sutherland Pottery, Fenton  (1884-1887)

Thomas Forester & Co  at the Melbourne Works, Longton (1888)

Forester and Hulme  at the Sutherland Pottery, Fenton  (1887-1892) 

Forrester & Meredith

Franciscan Tableware  Stoke-on-Trent  c.1972 - 2003

William Freakley & Co Shelton (c.1852-54)

Freakley & Farrall Shelton (c.1852-54) Shelton (c.1852-54)

Walter & Richard Freeman  Longton   c.1872 - 1873

Walter Freeman (& Co) Longton   c.1873 - 1883

J Fryer and Son   Tunstall (1920-1998)

Jacob Furnival & Co  1845-70, Cobridge

Thomas Furnival & Sons

Furnivals (Ltd)

Furnivals Ltd (1913 Ltd)

Futura Art Pottery Ltd


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