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Thomas Jackson and Co

Jackson & Gosling

Janet Productions

W Jarvis

Jarvis & Love

Jason China Co  Longton (1948-50)

JH - manufacturer uncertain

George Johnson

J L Johnson

Phoebe Johnson

Ralph Johnson

Reuben Johnson

Samuel Johnson Ltd  Burslem (1887-1931)

Johnson and Brough

Johnson Bros Ltd

Johnson Bros, Hanley Ltd  Hanley, Tunstall (1883-2003)

Johnson Fireclay Co  Cliffe Vale, Shelton (1912-63)

Johnson, McAlister Tile Co

Johnson & Plant Longton (c.1880-84)

John Lorenzo Johnson  Longton (1873 - c.1876)

Johnson & Poole Longton (c.1879 - 1880)

A E Jones (& Co)   Longton  (1905-1929)

A E Jones (Longton) Ltd   Longton  (1930-1946)

A G Harley Jones  Fenton (1905-34)

A B Jones & Sons  Longton (1900-71)

George Jones  Stoke (1861-73)

G Jones & Sons Ltd (Stoke (1873-1951)

E Jones  Hanley (1827-31)

E Jones & Co  Longton (1868-76)

T Jones & Co  Shelton (1828-30)

W Jones  Longton (1892-1905)

Jones & Hopkinson Hanley (c.1879-85)

Jones, Hopkinson & Sherwin Hanley (1885-91)

Jones, Shepherd & Co.   Longton (1867-1868)

Jones & Walley  Cobridge (1835-45)

Jonroth (American importer. 1909- )

Just Mugs Ltd  Hanley & Longport (1994 - )

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