Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead


Location and period of operation:

Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead



July 1882


Earthenware manufacturer at the Upper Hanley Works, the High Street, HanleyStoke-on-Trent, England

  • "In 1875, Messrs. Hollinshead & Stonier, at that time of the Ranelagh Works, were joined in partnership by Mr Holmes and removed to this (Upper Hanley Works) in the High Street, where they carried on business under the style of Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead." Jewitt's Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900

  • The partners were Charles Holmes, John Stonier and John Hollinshead.

  • By July 1882 the partners were declared bankrupt. Holmes left the business and a Mr. Oliver joined and the business continued as Stonier, Holinshead & Oliver

Previously: Unwin & Holmes

Subsequently: Stonier, Holinshead & Oliver  


London Gazette
1st August 1882

notice of Liquidation by Arrangement of
Charles Holmes, John Stonier and John Hollinshead



Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead
Upper Hanley Works, Hanley
Manufacturers of
Earthenware of all Descriptions

The Pottery Gazette,  February 2nd 1880


Holmes, Stonier & Hollinshead
Upper Hanley Works, Hanley
Manufacturers of the Ivory or Queen's Ware,
which is equal in tint to any yet produced 

The Pottery Gazette,  July 1st 1880

polychrome printed ware in the Tea Plant pattern

the pattern is illustrated in the July 1880 advert shown above 
it was produce in single colours such as blue and brown as well as hand coloured polychrome
it is in the aesthetic style 

Holmes, Stonier &

TEA PLANT' is the pattern name 

photos courtesy: Susan Layton 




hand coloured transferware platter in the Avona pattern


blue transferware in the Avona pattern

this pattern is in the aesthetic style 

H S & H 

'AVONA' is the pattern name 

the registration diamond gives a date of
15th January 1881 for the registration of the pattern



wash set in the Beatus pattern

Holmes Stonier & Hollinshead 

photos courtesy:  Carole Demmy



slop bucket in the Shanghai pattern

originally this slop bucket would have had a lid 

H. S. & H.

'SHANGHAI'' is the pattern name 

the registration diamond shows that the pattern was first registered on the 15th January 1881

NOTE: The Shanghai and Avona patterns were bother registered on the same day


photos courtesy:  Christine Hutchinson





Marks & initials used on ware for identification:

H. S. & H.


H. S. & H.

initials associated with a 
registration diamond


Holmes Stonier & Hollinshead

name within a belt mark

Upper Hanley Works

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