Lowe & Abberley


Location and period of operation:

Lowe & Abberley


Nov 1861



Earthenware manufacturer at the Viaduct Works and then the Waterloo Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England
  • The partners were Thomas Lowe and James Abberley who started manufacture in November 1861 at the Viaduct Works in Caroline Street, Longton. (Slater & Kelly Directories).

  • The Staffordshire Advertiser of the 19th April 1862 records the alleged theft of "the property of Messrs Abberley & Lowe, manufacturers, Longton" "298 pieces of earthenware, consisting of plates, dishes, cups, saucers, jugs, basins, &c and sufficient to fill several large warehouse baskets... Mr Lowe, one of the procecutors, who with his partner, had only carried on the works since November last, identified it as of their manufacturer".  

  • At sometime in 1863 they moved to the Waterloo Works in Stafford Street, Longton manufacturing earthenware and Luster ware.

  • The business was dissolved on the 2nd July 1870. James Abberley continued at the Waterloo Works on his own account. 

  • In 1871 Lowe was age 50, born in Longton. Abberley was age 47 and living at Vaxhall Cottage, Longton. 1871 census.   

From Rodney Hampson’s ‘Longton Potters 1700-1865’: 

  • On 19 July 1865, Lowe & Abberley were fined £6 for employing children and young persons unregistered, without school or medical certificates. Factory Inspector's Report, 31 December 1865.  

  • In 1867 Thomas Lowe was living at Cobden Street and James Abberley at Spring Gardens Road. 

  • The company produced earthenware. 'Marked pieces are not known' [although see below the existence of a jug with an oval belt mark containing the initials L. & A. and 'Viaduct Works'] 

  • The patterns 'Rhine' and 'Shell' are quoted as being made by Lowe & Abberley in 1866. The Thirteenth Londoniad (Principal Establishments in the Potteries) 1866. pp 37, 38. NOTE: 'Rhine' and 'Shell' were patterns widely used in Victorian times and produced by a number of companies. 


Subsequently: James Abberley 



Lowe and Abberley
Earthenware Manufacturers
Waterloo Works
Stafford Street, Longton
Staffordshire Potteries

advertisement from 1865 Keates Directory

courtesy: Richard Henrywood

The London Gazette
8 July 1870

notice of the dissolution of the partnership
between Lowe and Abberley



military scene of riflemen representing 
the British Army Rifle Brigade   

Viaduct Works
L & A

mark 1862-3

NOTE: earthenware with the initials L. & A. are generally attributed to the Scottish firm of Lockhart & Arthur who operated from 1855 to 1864 at the Victoria Pottery, Glasgow.

However marks which include the factory name 'Viaduct Works' are those of the North Staffordshire firm of Lowe & Abberley. 



set of three graduated jugs by Lowe & Abberley - in the Favorite Flowers pattern

Lowe & Abberley likely purchased the moulds for the jug shape at the bankruptcy sale of George Mountford who was the successor to Mountford & Scarratt 

Favorite Flowers
L & A

the registration diamond shows that the jug shape was registered on the 11th October 1861 by Mountford & Scarratt

photos courtesy: Hugh McIntyre  



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