John Maddock


Location and period of operation:

John Maddock 





Earthenware and ironstone manufacturer at Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • John Maddock had originally been in partnership with James Edwards and then Joshua Seddon at the Newcastle Street Works, Burslem. 

  •  Seddon left the partnership in October 1842 and John Maddock continued on his own account until 1855 when John junr was taken into partnership and the business traded as John Maddock & Son


Previously: Maddock & Seddon

Subsequently: John Maddock & Son(s)



Fairy Villas was introduced by Maddock & Seddon 
and was continued by John Maddock 

Fairy Villas
Stone China

         "A series of romantic Chinese scenes with highly ornate pagodas, sailing boats, figures and flowers,
all printed within a border of flowers and scrolls. The patterns were used on stone china
dinner ware with a wavy edge"

The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880
Coysh and Henrywood  


Marks used on ware for identification: 


The name appears on various 
printed marks between 1842-55


Fairy Villas
Stone China

Note the printed M on the left hand side.
the same mark with M & S was used by the predecessor Maddock & Seddon

Ironstone China

This mark was used by John Maddock before 1855. 
Other similar marks can be found with the name J Maddock.
"& Son" added in 1855


John Maddock. Printed mark from a blue-printed earthenware meat dish. This attribution is generally accepted but may be considered suspect where a single initial is involved.

Courtesy: R. K. Henrywood 




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