A photo walk around Dresden, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
Dresden & the Longton Freehold Land Society


This section is a history walk around Dresden (Longton, Stoke-on-Trent)
The walk shows how this suburban estate came into existence in the middle of the 19th century and how it developed during the Victorian period.


How the Dresden estate was formed:

The estate map, ( an extract from a Plan of the Estates of the Duke of Sutherland of Trentham Hall), shows the northern part of the parish of Trentham Virtually all the land in this parish was the property of the Duke. 
One of the few exceptions was Spratslade Farm which then belonged to Sir John Boughey Fletcher. This is shown on the map by a dotted line. The farm was bounded on the north by the present Belgrave Road (running east-west across the map), on the west by Trentham Road, on the south by Cocknage Road, and on the east by Red Bank Lane. 
In the middle of the 19th century this estate was bought by the Longton Freehold Land Society.

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| Street map of the walk around Dresden |



1 Church of the Resurrection
2 Red Bank
3 Peel Street & Sir Robert Peel public house
4 Blakeman's Shop - Peel Street & Trentham Road
5 Russell Street & Red Gate public house
6 Carlise Street & Princess Royal public house
7 Villiers Street
8 Elim Church in Cobden Street
9 Park Inn public house
10 Ricardo Street
11 Rowland Street
12 Cocknage Road
13 Cocknage Road ..continued
This walk is a summary of notes by Andrew Dobraszczyc,
web pages and photographs by Steve Birks during the walk (June 2001)



Plan of northern part of Estate of Duke of  Sutherland
1878 OS map of Dresden
1900 OS map of Dresden
1878 OS map of Peel Street
1878 OS map of Taylor Street (now Rowland St.)
1878 OS map of Ricardo Street
1878 OS map of Carlise Street
1878 OS map of the church of the Resurrection


Other information

The Longton Freehold Land Society
The development of the Dresden Estate
1881 census returns for Peel Street
The 1865 Parliamentary Elections & Dresden electors
The Dresden Board of Heath
Ownership of houses in Dresden
Prominent Liberals & the "Corn Laws"


B & W Postcards

Cobden Street & the Methodist Chapel
Trentham Road & The Lord John Russell