F Winkle & Co (Ltd)


Location and period of operation:

F Winkle & Co (Ltd) 

Stoke / Fenton



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Earthenware manufacturer at the Colonial Pottery, Whieldon Road, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent.

  • A business between Winkle and Wood started in 1885 at the Pearl Pottery in Hanley.

  • In 1888 Winkle and Wood jointly opened the purpose built Colonial Pottery Works in Whieldon Road on the border of Stoke and Fenton.

  • In 1890 F. Winkle continued on his own at the Colonial Pottery and Wood continued at the Pearl Pottery works, Hanley.

  • In the early 1900's the business was owned by the Hewitt brothers - William and Joseph; (who were later also the owners of Barker Bros in Longton). The business continued under the name F Winkle & Co Ltd.

  • c.1911 the company became 'Ltd'. 

  • In 1931 the business was taken over by Ridgways (Bedford Works) Ltd. who took the earthenware manufacture in-house. 

  • The Colonial Pottery Works was taken by a new company - Whieldon Sanitary Potteries Ltd - who in turn became (around 1949) a subsidiary pf Doulton & Co.

  • The works were demolished c.2000. 



Initials and names used on ware for identification:

F W & Co



Winkle used the trade name 'Whieldon Ware'
after the name of a famous 18th Century 
potter Thomas Whieldon who lived and worked
in this area.
The road that Winkle's Colonial Pottery was
situated on is called Whieldon Road


early mark F W & Co
without the place of origin:- "ENGLAND"

VERSAILLE is the pattern name

19th century brown transfer ware ironstone vase in the 
Aesthetic Movement pattern "Versaille" by F. Winkle & Co. 
It stands 5" high and 2 1/2" wide at the mouth of the vase.

picture: courtesy of Oak Leaf Antiques.

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The Colonial Pottery

Winkle and Wood's factory was situated alongside the Trent and Mersey canal 
In the foreground is Whieldon Road.

1893 trade journal article on Winkle



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Mount Pleasant! The very name evokes Englishness with a tinge of Norman chivalry sufficient to enchant the imagination back to baronial times, castle-keeps and sheriffs, pastoral landscapes, parish lore, and village peace.

Grove Road, Heron Cross, Great Fenton - Early potters walked the track from Lower Lane to Lane Delph:
It is not at all fanciful to speculate that a number of famous and early potters journeyed along the track which is today known as Whieldon Road, Grove Road and Duke Street.

Thomas Whieldon 1719-1795 a Master Potter who influenced and taught the famous potters Ralph & Aaron Wood and Josiah Spode. He was in partnership with Josiah Wedgwood. 



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