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Bernard Moore




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Originally Bernard Moore and his younger brother Samuel Vincent Moore manufactured china tableware and high quality ornamental pieces at St. Mary's Works, Longton. 

[see: Moore Bros]

At the end of this partnership it appears the Samuel left the industry and Bernard became a 'Consultant Potter' at Woolfe Street in Stoke. He specialised in glaze effects and became renowned for his researches into the glazes of the Far East, producing stunning examples of flambé, sang de boeuf and luster effects, Persian Blues and aventurine and crystalline glazes. 

[see: short biography on Bernard Moore]


Initials used on ware for identification:

Bernard Moore Crystalline Flambé vase

dark red flambé flaze with green crystalline work
6in wide and 5.5in tall

Bernard Moore flambe pottery bowl
Bernard Moore flambe pottery bowl
Measures 9½in (24.5cm) diameter and 3.5cm (~1½in) deep.

Underneath has the Bernard Moore signature

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