Famous Potters of Stoke-on-Trent


The Moore family of Potters
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Samuel Moore started the St. Mary pottery factory in 1862. In 1865 he was joind by his son Bernard.   

After the death of their father Bernard was joined by his younger brother Samuel Vincent. In 1905 the business closed and the works were sold to Thomas C Wild.

Bernard Moore started business as a 'Consultant Potter' and was instrumental in reviving and developing speciality glazes such as Sang-de-boeuf, Rouge Flambé, Luster and Transmutation Glazes

St. Mary's Works, Longton Details of the pottery works, built in 1862 by Samuel Moore.
In 1865 Samuel was joined by his son Bernard (who was 15 years old) and the company renamed 'Moore & Son'.

Moore Brothers 1872 - 1905 

Details of the period of operationand examples of the ware that they made. 

Details of the four Moore family members 


Some of the backstamp marks on Moore Brothers ware
Bernard Moore 

At the end of the Moore Bros partnership Bernard became a 'Consultant Potter' at Wolfe Street in Stoke. He specialised in glaze effects and became renowned for his researches into the glazes of the Far East.

Short Biography on Bernard Moore
Advert for Bernard Moore, Stoke / Geo Goodwin, Hanley /  Vaughan & Co, Burslem - processors, producers and users of potters colours and glazes


Doulton Art Ware 

Bernard Moore worked for Doulton as a consultant, and appears to have given Doulton the benefits of his lengthy experience in the field of high temperature transmutation glazes. 


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