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"The inhabitants may be generally distinguished as follows: - They consist mainly of workpeople engaged in the manufacture of earthenware and china, and the various trades subsidiary to this manufacture ..... besides these there are numerous auxiliary occupations, such as these of designers, engravers, crate-makers, paper-makers, colour-makers ..  In these various trades women and children are employed as well as men very extensively. Children, too, are employed from an early age"

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Ark Man

Slip Maker (the 'Ark' was a large mixing tank)

Art Ware Maker

A caster making ornamental articles

Artist Painter Skilled hand painter who decorates ware by painting. 

Bag Room Boy

Sorts bags (for the press) does odd jobs

Baker Maker Shapes

Forms deep oval dishes called a Baker by hand pressing


Weighs and makes balls of clay for thrower

Bank odd man

Fetches and carries. Miscellaneous labourer.

Barrow Loader

Loads barrow in workshop

Basin Maker

Makes basins with a Jolley

Bat Maker

Makes divisions for saggers

Bath Maker

Makes baths by pressing or casting

Batter Man

Shovels chalk and clay into mill

Batter Out

Batters, tempers, ball of pugged clay for pressers

Biscuit Emptier

Removes biscuit ware from basket in china scouring shop

Biscuit Kiln Man

Fires biscuit ware

Biscuit Rubber

Scours biscuit ware - After pottery is biscuit fired it is brushed (scoured) to remove loose particles.

Blunger operator Operates the blunger   a tub or vat in which powerful arms revolve continuously on a vertical shaft and slowly mixes clay with water to a produce a slip.


Pierces holes by hand in soap and fish dishes, teapot spouts

Bottom Knocker Makes the clay slab for the bottom of the saggar


Pours slip into moulds

China Dish Maker

A flat presser making shall china ware dishes. (flatware)

China Door Furniture Maker

Makes door knobs, finger panels

Clay Bearer

Carries clay to pug mill or thrower

Clay Blunger

Tends slip stirring machine

Clay Grinder

See disintergrater

Clay Maker

Clay mixer

Clay Potter

General term for worker shaping articles in clay

Clay Pressman

Puts clay slip into canvas bags for pressing the moisture out.

Clay Temperer

Prepares clay for certain types of tiles.
Puts clay on damping slabs made from plaster to absorb moisture before going into press.

Clay Treader

Treads clay with bare feet

Clay Wedger

Cuts clay into lumps or wedges with wire, beats one against the other to homogenize it and remove air

Clay Worker

General term for worker preparing clay up to first firing

Closet Maker

Makes pans for closets by casting or pressing in a mould

Colour Millman

Mixes ground colours

Cover Maker

Jollier making covers for dishes

Crank Maker

Fashions by hand fireclay stands

Cupel Maker

A thrower making crucibles

Designer The modeller / designer was a skilled artist and designer who made the clay model of the item which was to be produced.

Dipper Glazer

Dips biscuit ware

Dish Maker

Makes shallow dishes on a jigger (flatware)

Dish Maker Bats out a flat piece of clay and produced a dish or plate (by hand) on a mould base.

Disintergrater Attendant

Shovels lumps of clay into hopper of disintergrater machine

Domestic Utensil Maker

Makes domestic untensils on a jolley
smooths edges and joints of clay using a knife, leather, or sponge before firing


Packs Saggers

Dust Damper

Spreads clay dust on plaster slabs to absorb moisture

Dust Grinder

See disintergrater

Encaustic Ware Maker

Makes tiles often finished in unglazed state, inlaid tiles


Assists Jollier, caster, presser smoothing out rough edges

Figure maker

Moulds relief figures for decoration of pottery

Figure painter Hand paints ornamental pottery figures before glazing.


See fettler

Flat Knocker

Shakes flint dust out after firing

Flat Ware Maker

Makes flat ware by jigging or pressing

Flint Miller

Shovels flints into mill. Grinds them to dust.


Puts powdered flint into saggers


Makes flowers for decoration by pressing in a mould by hand

Flower Painter Hand paints flowers onto pottery ware before glazing, or - hand paints pottery flowers - used in ornamental arrangements. 


Pours mixed ground ingredients for glaze into frit mill

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