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What was new in 2003?

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March 9th 2003 a 'walk' Newcastle to Stoke canal 
February 8th 2003 new section: potters marks index by categories
February 5th 2003 Major update on the Marks of the Adams potters
February 1st 2003 New section on 'Unknown' potters and marks
February 1st 2003 Fenton Park
February 1st 2003 a 'walk' around Fenton
February 1st 2003 New section on aerial photos around the city
January 30th 2003 New section fakes and forgeries 
January 29th 2003 New section on the 12 Town Halls of the Potteries 
January 7th 2003 New section added on painted wall advertisements 
January 4th 2003 Biography of Jeremiah Yates (1808-1852) a Potteries Chartist
January 3rd 2003 1936 brochure on Pottery Manufacture from Parrott & Co.
January 2nd 2003 Section on the use of the Royal Coat of Arms on pottery